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If Tu Pug Imatuy emphasized the Lumad Killings, Bhoy Intsik is another interesting movie directed by Joel Lamangan that will focus to another social issue our country is facing today ~ the extra judicial killings. The movie took us in an environment where people will do everything for their own financial survival even if it means that they will get involved in felon or some illegal drug trades. The story of Bhoy Intsik is about an unusual friendship between two felons, a 48 year old gay who goes by the code name “Bhoy Intsik (played by Raymond “RS” Francisco) and a young rebel (played by Ronwaldo Martin) who was involved in an illegal drug trade.
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The film started with random scenes which are seemingly irrelevant. We were welcomed by the non-stop quarrel and swearing of Bhoy Intsik and Marlon which I think good enough for us to understand that their personalities were not really match for each other. I cannot bear the too much swearing though. Despite of their huge differences, the two managed to find ways on how they can work together as a team. Both were involved in numerous crimes (mostly robbery and holdapping) but Marlon unfortunately got involved in an illegal drug trade. He was caught up in a seemingly inescapable situation between his boss (played by Mon Confiado) and his client (Mike Lloren) who refused to pay the Php250,000 debt.
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Marlon’s life was threatened but Bhoy Intsik wouldn’t allow anyone to harm him. From their contrasting personalities, it eventually grew in an unexpected deeper relationship. It was not a romantic relationship but more of a “father and son.” Bhoy Intsik has become a father figure to Marlon who aims nothing but to provide a good future to his kid by putting him back on the right path. Interestingly, Bhoy Intsik has a deeper backstory. He has a wife and a kid who he accidentally killed out of negligence. Marlon , on the other hand, was abandoned by his parents and it was too late for him to discover that his long lost mother was already dead. This made Bhoy Intsik more eager to help Marlon. photo IMG_3543_zpsmhnmrxxn.jpg
He cared for the boy too much that he is willing to sacrifice everything just to keep Marlon out of the danger. In order to do so, Bhoy Intsik decided to negotiate with Marlon’s boss to keep the boy out of the complicated situation but in exchange he must gather that Php250,000 within a month. Bhoy Intsik has become a father figure to Marlon and in order to gather such amount, he sold one of his eyes just to give Marlon a brighter future. I love the lines “Kaya kong mabulag kung ikaw naman ang mabibigyan ko ng liwanag at magandang kinabukasan” (I don’t mind being blind as long as I can give you the light and brighter future).
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Things went according to the plan but just in time that we are expecting a good conclusion, something else happened which breaks our heart completely. Marlon’s client had his revenge and killed Marlon tragically, leaving him drowning in his own blood. They put the infamous sign “Pusher ako Wag Tularan” on top of his dead body. What makes it more heartbreaking is that Marlon just went out to wrap his Christmas gift for Bhoy Intsik but little did he know, it’s going to be his last day. Bhoy Intsik, on the other hand had no idea that Marlon will never go back. The movie concluded in such heartbreaking irony.
My Rating for this movie is 3 out of 5

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