My Beloved Snoopy

I was checking some of my folders on my PC awhile ago when i found this old pic of my beloved Snoopy when he was just a puppy.

Just look how cute he is. As far as I remember this picture was taken on the first day when Snoopy was given to us. It’s a memorable day indeed as we treated Snoopy as a part of our family already. Does he reminds you of the controversial Whitey? I really felt bad for that puppy so it is just right for those Animal Care organization to sue that guy. Can’t imagine putting your puppy inside the washing machine and dryer. That’s horrible. Anyway, back to my snoopy. I really miss my dog. He’s with my tita right now and it’s been months now since i last pay a visit. I’m actually thinking of buying a new puppy for my house since it is really impossible to bring Snoopy back to our house now. I was checking some free classified ads ( in particular) awhile ago. I just saw some cute high breed puppies for sale. There were bulldogs, Dachshund, Chihuahua and lovely Shih Tzu for sale. I am planning to purchase one but still looking for some great deals. I guess this is one of the advantages of free classified ads, it gives you options. So as soon as i find a great deal, i might grab that opportunity.

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