My First Blogapalooza Experience (Part 3 – Introducing BUZZIN) #Blogapalooza2016

And finally, here comes the post to conclude my recent Blogapalooza experience. After spending hours exploring one booth to another and after listening and absorbing every lessons we learned from the speakers and socializing with other bloggers, our night was concluded with the “big reveal“. The team behind Blogapalooza has been teasing about it even before the actual event.IMG_0705tAfter the panel discussion held in the conference hall (Check : My First Blogapalooza Experience : Bloggers and Speakers), we were all prompted to visit the reception area where the so-called big reveal will take place. Ms Ace Gapuz finally made the Blogapalooza 2016’s biggest revelation, the launch of the country’s first ever influencer marketing platform, the BUZZIN. The Buzzin standees were already there but we are all clueless about it until it was finally officially unveiled. Blogapalooza has been very faithful with their mission to bring bloggers and social media influencers and businesses together through their marketing events. It means that they had to pick a venue every year, gather all sponsors and invite bloggers who are willing to travel all the way to their events to collaborate with the businesses. Blogapalooza, however, decided to take their mission to an all new level by embracing the digital world by launching Buzzin.buzzin1Buzzin is a marketing platform made for both businesses and social media influencers. It is actually the same formula of Blogapalooza but the only difference is that every transaction, collaboration and campaigns are made digitally through Buzzin. It really feels like attending a Blogapalooza in a daily basis without the need of traveling or attending actual events. The site is currently on its BETA stage but you can clearly see the huge potential of Buzzin and how much it could take B2B market to an all new level.buzzin2Once signed in (as a Social Influencer), you will be prompted immediately to your dashboad. This will give you an overview of everything you need to know with your account. The Dashboard will showcase information including the important announcements , the campaigns you are part in and the campaigns available for you to apply. For bloggers like me who has been blogging for ten years, I’m sure this platform will somehow reminds you of those Paid blogging sites like PayPerPost or Social Spark specially during their hype years and I’m glad to see the same format through BUZZIN because I know how highly beneficial this kind of site can be especially when it comes to earning money through blogging.buzzin3The available campaigns will be listed on your dashboard. Simply click a campaign that will take your interest and from there, the details about this particular campaign will be provided. This includes the campaign budget. The bloggers or social media influencer will be paid in many ways which could be in form of cash, xdeals or product sponsorship. If you are interested, simply hit the Apply button and it is up for the advertisers to approve your participation. This kind of campaigns could possibly build a long term engagement between business and bloggers.
20161105_195057tThe management team behind Blogapalooza Vince Golangco , Francis Simisim and Ms Ace Gapuz shared their toast for the successful launch of BUZZIN and of course for another successful year of Blogapalooza. I personally can’t wait to see the future developments for BUZZIN and for the next Blogapalooza events! Blogapalooza is generally a very fruitful experience for me! It is a life-changing for me as a blogger and I am really thankful that this kind of event really do exist! How about you? How was you Blogapalooza experience this year?

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