A Day Trip In Tanay, Rizal

One of the things I have on my bucket list for this year is to witness a real falls. I have never seen one in my life so when I was searching the web, looking for an easily accessible falls (with no trekking required), I stumbled upon this so-called Daranak Falls located in Tanay. As I did some research, I was surprised that Tanay alone has so many wonderful places to offer and my eagerness to visit the place brought me to this package tour hosted by Bakasyonista. We went to seven different destinations in Tanay in just one day. So without any further ado, allow me to give you a glimpse of my recent day trip in Tanay.

Pililla Windfarm
IMG_0128rNope, Ilocos is not the only province with windmills! You do not have to travel that far just to see such enormous wind mills upclose because you can see them all in Pililla Rizal. The Pililla Windfarms is our first destination. There’s really nothing much to do here but to embrace the amazing scenery. We spent around 20-30 minutes here and i think it is such a great way to start our Trip to Tanay (this is in Pililla though).

(Check – A Day Trip in Tanay : Pililla Wind Farm )

Tanay Church
IMG_0214tAfter embracing the stunning view of the Pililla Windfarm, we headed to the 4-Century-old church of Tanay. It’s the San Ildefonsus of Toledo Parish Church or more commonly known as the Tanay Church. It is declared as a National Cultural Treasure Church in 2001 and is one of the Jubilee churches of Rizal. One of the main reasons why I took this package is not just because of the Daranak falls but because they included two of my dream destination, the Tanay Church and the Regina RICA.

(Check : A Day Trip in Tanay : The Tanay Church)

The Parola (Lighthouse)
IMG_0314tAnother interesting site in Tanay is the Parola or lighthouse. We just had a quick stop over here just to witness the Parola upclose. Little did we know, this lighthouse has  historical significance. It is situated just beside the latian (swamp) and they are also allowing visitors to access the lighthouse and give them a chance to embrace the  picturesque view of Laguna de Bay.

(Check : A Day Trip in Tanay : The Parola)

Regina RICA
IMG_0454tThe Regina Rosarii Institute of Contemplation in Asia or simpy known as the Regina RICA is one of the popular pilgrim destination not just in Tanay alone but in the whole Luzon. It is just few hours away from Manila too. It features a 71-foot-tall statue of the Queen of the Holy Rosary. Inside the statue is an adoration chapel where pilgrims can access. They also offer many recreation centers just like other well known Pilgrim sites like Kamay Ni Hesus in Quezon and The Tierra De Maria in Tagaytay.

(Check : A Day Trip in Tanay : Regina RICA)

Calinawan Cave
IMG_0637tOne of the most rewarding part of this tour is my first ever caving experience. We went to explore the Calinawan Cave and I actually thought that it’s just a simple cave but the moment we went inside, that’s the time I realized that we are heading a somewhat serious spelunking adventure. I know it sounds so exaggerated but for the first timer like me, it was truly a remarkable yet somehow scary experience but I’m happy that we made it through and now I am craving for more!

(Check : A Day Trip in Tanay : The Calinawan Cave)

Daranak Falls
IMG_0801tOur trip in Tanay concluded in Daranak Falls. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tanay and as expected, we were all greeted by an overwhelming crowd of people. Despite of it, we were able to enjoy the falls and it’s really a dream come true for me. The Daranak falls is truly wonderful and I cannot help but to stare to the kind of beauty that this nature has to offer.

(Check : A Day Trip in Tanay : Daranak Falls)

Batlag Falls
IMG_0868tBut wait, there’s more! Batlag Falls is actually an option for us but I tried it anyway. It is situated above the Daranak but visitors must pay an extra fee to access the place. If there is one word to describe the falls, it’s magical! I was in awe when I saw the clear blue water. It was nothing but mesmerizing and I can’t wait to share you the rest of the photos with you guys.

(Check : A Day Trip in Tanay : Batlag Falls)

In case you are planning to stay in Rizal for a day or two, you can check the list of affordable and “budgetarian” Hotels in the link below!

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5 thoughts on “A Day Trip In Tanay, Rizal

  • November 22, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Hey, that was a nice trip you took and fitting in several destinations in one day. Personally, I recall going to Tanay only once and that was a long time ago. It was not even for leisure purposes.

    Like you, I was surprised when I started reading about the different places one could go to. Little did I know that Tanay would have caves and waterfalls. I always thought they were for provinces located farther away.

    One in particular that I remember seeing from another blog was Daranak. I remember the blogger saying it was nice but never to go there on a Sunday as it is seriously crowded during weekends. Would you by chance went there on a weekday? The photo shows that there is not that much people.

  • November 23, 2016 at 10:18 am

    Wow! I love the churches, the falls and of course the Regina Rica. I haven’t been there just read about them but surely, I would like to experience what you did. Thanks for those wonderful photos and making me experience the pleasure of the adventure!

  • November 24, 2016 at 1:03 am

    I didn’t even know there were falls in Tanay. And windmills, too — yay, I don’t have to see them all the way in Ilocos, which I find soooo far! What a great discovery! I appreciate reading posts like this, being that I live in Quezon City, so Rizal really isn’t that far away. I should just get out of my comfort zone and explore it more! Thank you!

  • November 24, 2016 at 2:43 am

    How to get there? Like, let’s just say we’re coming from Manila? How about for those who are coming from provinces like Cebu and Negros Oriental? I am really planning to go out of town and I am hoping to visit such places. Oh, the windmills, good thing you have pointed out that it’s not just in Ilocos. I am sure that you guys really had a wonderful trip in Tanay Rizal.

  • August 22, 2019 at 2:10 am

    It was true that Tanay has a lot of beautiful places plus those mountains that you can also hike like the Mt. Daraitan and many more. I wish that you also share more about Tanay. By the way thanks again!


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