Not Again!

I was not in the mood yesterday and i was really upset because my HP laptop started not to work again. It all started when my computer got infected by a malicious software. I am not a techie guy so i can do nothing to fix it myself. So i have no choice but to give again my technician a call! Right now, i am using my desktop computer which is also not cooperating with me. It runs so slow and i couldn’t even watch YouTube videos! I don’t know if it is something to deal with my Internet Connection or something to deal with my Operating System. I’ve been using Windows ever since i bought my very first computer and now that i am experiencing series of technical issues with them, i think i better start making a switch. I should have bought an Mac Computer on the first place. I have heard so many good things about it and i know that there are mac cleanup software exclusively made for MAC to make your pc performs faster and safer. For the mean time, i have to wait for my HP laptop, it is still on the repair shop and hopefully they’ll fix it as soon as possible! Internet is my life. My job is barely relying on it and i can’t work without my laptop. Sobs!

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