Don’t you like the title of this post? I named it “Cam-ERA” because i am about to compare cameras from 2 different eras, the old and modern era! It’s almost been a year now since i got this Sony Cyber Shot. I just love taking photos whether through my Caméscopes numériques ( A french term for Digital Camcorders) or through my phone camera (though the graphics isn’t that good). I don’t mind using our old SLR camera too. I used to bring my camera with me whenever i travel. And it used to be a very important tool for a blogger like me. My blogs will look boring without photos. The more photos i upload, the more exciting my blog would be for my readers. Time really run out so fast, i remember my mom used to bring the “photographic film” to the nearest Photo Shop and let them be printed. And then along with the printed colored photos are the film negatives that my brother and I used to play with when we were kids. The Photos are being stored in an album and we placed them underneath the coffee table so that we can share them with our guests. And now, look! We have these digital cameras which are very accessible, Easy-to -used, hassle free, and also, we can save money from it knowing that there’s no need for us to  pay for photo printing. We can easily upload the photos online through those social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and also through some Image hosting sites as well.  This reminds me of the old magazine that we found few months ago from my mom’s closet. Just take a look at these old bulky cameras.


Just look at this Old Nikon Camera. I wonder how heavy it would be. I’ sure this is now considered as one of those collectible items with high price value.


This one is kinda weird. What is that flash light-looking thing at the side? I will not dare bring a camera like this in the public.


Look at the camera accessories. It’s kinda hassle to bring them all right? Thanks God we have geniuses out there who developed this gadget into something more portable, convenient and useful. Whew!

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