Replacing The Old one

I have been using this HP laptop for almost three years now and i think that’s long enough to consider buying a new one. I am spending most of my time in front of my computer and that’s how essential this gadget is to me. I actually have desktop computer  but since i hve to go to work everyday, i decided to buy this laptop so that i can bring this with me and do my daily onlin activities while working and that’s what i called multi tasking haha! (Just hoping not to be caught by my boss LOL) Well, i can still manage to open my emails and take a peak to my blogs if the bosses are not around haha. Anyway, my sister is requesting me to buy her a laptop too but i told her that i will just give this laptop to her and i will buy new one for myself. Just went online last night to search for some cool ordinateurs portables (laptops) online and to see how much does the newest model cost. I will try to canvass first and compare the prices. Yikes… it sounds like i’m gonna be cutting down my budget this month!

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