Popsicle Stick Flower Vase

Today’s featured project in “Our Little Corners” website is this very easy-to-make flower vase. Okay, obviously this art project is made out of popsicle sticks. You only have to paste or glue the popsicle sticks together to make this triangular shaped Vase. You can hang it somewhere outside the window or place it directly to your wall. Or you can simply place it on top of any flat surface like your table or your desk. Then buy artificial flowers and place it on top. You can view the step by step illustrated instructions in our site (link provided above). Happy Art Making everyone!

One thought on “Popsicle Stick Flower Vase

  • December 18, 2010 at 4:04 am

    Wow this flower vase is looking amazing.This is really great wedding gift.


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