Be Prepared

Remember my post about the car accident we have witnessed last Saturday? Now here’s what happened. We are on the way back to our office at that time when trffic get heavier because of this car accident. I think it took almost 2 hours after they clear the road but the damages done by the accidents are still visible. It was published yesterday on our local newspaper, providing us the whole story. 2 people got injured and of course both of their cars are in bad condition. This accident makes me realized that there is no safe place in this world. Accident can occur in the most unexpected time and place so you better be prepare. The best thing to do here is to get an insurance for both of you and your car. You can hedge the possible devastating loss by applying into something like the car insurance seattle. The most important thing of all, be more careful and always pray before you drive. Believe me! Prayer is such a powerful tool that protects you from any kinds of ranger on the road.

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