Leprechaun Trap

We just made a trap for Leprechaun. According to the myth, leprechauns are sneaky but jolly little creatures that sneak into houses to steal gold! This is the reason why people are making trap. It is said that when you caught Leprechaun, he will surrender to you all his gold from the end of the rainbow. We simply combined two small boxes and add some colorful details on it including the cover leaf designed door and the rainbow as well. Inside is a pot of gold coins (bronze coins) and then we sprinkle it with glitters to make it more attractive to Leprechaun. On top of it is a trap for Leprechaun. You can check the details at our art blogs here.

One thought on “Leprechaun Trap

  • March 19, 2011 at 7:23 am

    Is there even such a creature in the first place? Haha!!! Nice looking trap btw : D


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