Meet the Newest Members

Meet Madel and Thia! They are the newest members of our family. They came from two differnet families. Madel (the black one) was given to us by our neighbor while Thia was given to us by our Auntie. Madel is actually named after one of the characters in the koreanovela Temptation of Wife. It was my mom who gave that funny name. Thia on the other hand is named after Thia Megia. HAhaha Okay i am a big fan of Idol and Thia is the cutest name we git in Idol.

Kito is not that jolly puppy anymore and we simply miss that playful and aggressive dog that we had before. Well Madel is not as playful as Thia but he’s very aggressive and sometimes it irritates me because he keep on barking the whole day. I love Thia more than Madel!

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