The Most Harmful Animal In The World

The most harmful animal in this world is not the killer jaws of the sharks. They are not the deadly fangs of the tigers nor the poisonous venom of King Cobra. Believe it or not, Mosquito is dubbed as the most harmful and deadliest animal in the world.

They can kill millions of innocent people every year. With just one bite, your life could be at risk especially if you failed to give proper medication attention to it. The worst here is that, until now, there is no cure specific or definite treatment or vaccine to prevent or cure Dengue Fever.

But we can do something to prevent Dengue by maintaining the cleanliness at home. Clean your house regularly and avoid storing water for a long period of time. Replace the water in your flower vase in a regular basis. Clean your gutters at least 3 to 4 times a year. Gutters can be clogged because of the leaves and branches that are being trapped on it. You can simply hire something like the Gutter Cleaning Portland Services in Oregon since doing it on your own could be a bit risky. Mosquito can lay their eggs to the water that are being trapped on the gutters.

There are so many mosquito repellent today that you can use to protect you and your kids from any mosquito bites.

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