Online Tutorial Services! How Millenials Are Embracing This Innovation?

It was not long ago when I was working as a private tutor to at least two to three students per day and I still can’t imagine how I managed to balance both my part time work and my studies all at the same time. Of course, my eagerness to finish my college as a self-support student gave me that strong passion to do everything for the sake of my education. My mom never failed to tell me how much I should prioritize my education above anything else as this would be my only key to get the kind of life I want and she was right! Well, I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family so I had to find ways to support myself in college and that’s where the Private Tutor job came in. My life as a working student is actually a different story and what I really want to emphasize in this post is the kind of education that kids are getting today. Is “Private tutoring” still a thing? Has anyone heard about the so-called Homeschooling? How about online tutorials? How many parents are willing to engage their kids in such modern way of studies?
Well, these are just few of the questions that instantly popped up in my mind when I came across Mr Robert Lee’s article from his Amazing Life Daily Blog where he tackled about tutorial centers and how they drastically changed over the years. Mr Lee emphasized why it is necessary for kids to get tutors and how online tutorial services are changing the game. I may not be a professional private tutor but my three years of experience taught me so many things on how important these tutorial services are especially for kids who are struggling to catch up with their lessons. Just because your kids are in a private tutorial service, doesn’t mean they are slow-learners or they can’t pick up the lessons from their schools instantly. Tutorial centers are not just built to save the kids from those failing grades. In fact, Mr Lee pointed out not just one but six reasons why tutors and tutorial centers are needed by children. They said that education starts at home and parents are responsible for helping their kids with their studies especially when it comes to their home works. Unfortunately, it is not always applicable especially for working parents and so this is where the private tutors come in. When I was working as a private tutor, I may not be well compensated but seeing your students and their progress and the result of your efforts is definitely the most rewarding part.
Mr Lee also emphasized that tutors and tutorial services can provide an advance learning which can help kids to become ahead of their school and I couldn’t agree more. Few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a contract signing ceremony between TESDA (from the Department of Education) and a Farm School in Mendez, Cavite. The school aims to provide free education program for aspiring farmers and to elevate their skills by teaching them some modern methods of farming that are not being taught in schools. Ms Cosico (the Center Director of Agriculture Training Institute) told us the reason why they are eager to expand such program is because they want to provide the kind of education that the students don’t get from their schools or maybe not a hundred percent of what they should really know. This is not just applicable for farming but also to all kind of courses and this is why tutorial centers do exist, to provide the most advanced education and learning materials for students.
Take note that tutorial services are not just beneficial for kids. We have so many tutorial centers in the country that offered review programs for college students to help them in their licensure examination (possibly the most crucial part of earning the degree). When my cousin graduated last year as an Electronic Communication Engineer, I was surprised that he had to dedicated another six months to complete review program which aims to maximize their chances to pass their board exam. He underwent a series of training and he even had to rent an apartment along with his fellow reviewers. Well, in the end, everything paid off after he successfully passed his board exam and is now a proud engineer.
Helping him with his homework
You see, Tutorial centers play a huge role in molding the students’ knowledge and skills but with the current technology we have today where everything can be accessed via Internet, how these tutorial services weigh in? The answer, online tutorials! Mr Lee mentioned about AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, one of the leading tutorial centers in the country. Those who have taken UPCAT or ACET or even DLSUCET should have heard or better yet tried the AHEAD tutorial and review programs. They have been in the industry for over two decades and they have been known for providing the highest quality tutorial and review programs which include the Homeschool support, the traditional one on one tutorial and some Enrichment programs suitable for your children’s need.
When Mr Lee mentioned about their newest program in which they are finally embracing their methods with the modern day technology through Internet, I knew I had to check their packages and see how these kind of program differs from the methods we all grew up with.
Some of the Online Programs include:
Quick Help Package ~ A three hour program for school work emergencies or quick preparation for quizzes and short test. This is very ideal especially if “periodic test” are nearly approaching. During my time when I was a private tutor, we really took the periodic exam reviewers seriously but the preparation usually takes a lot of time as we have to go through all the lectures from one page to another. This package is less time consuming and more convenient.
Achievers Package ~ A program for honor students who want to excel even further in class. Being on top of your class is very rewarding yet still challenging. This program is designed for achievers who want to take their knowledge to another level through advanced learning. This could also help your kids to embrace the next school year much easier.
College Package – Sometimes, there are lessons that are just too hard to understand or maybe, you were absent for several days and you find it hard to catch up, this package is certainly the right one. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to piss off your professor for those unsatisfying scores! (Believe me! I’ve been to many terror professors and you really don’t wanna see them transforming into monsters haha)
Review Programs ~ Their online tutorial services also include several review programs for Philippine Science High School, SAT/ACT, LAE and NMAT and reviews for various College Entrance exams. Take note, these can all be obtained online at the comfort of your home!
Feel free to visit their AHEAD Tutotial and Review Center Webpage or you may want to contact them through email at or give them a call at (02) 426-0034 to 36 or 0917-89 (AHEAD) 24323.
Everyone has the access over the internet, anytime, anywhere and everything can be accessed online either. If you need to know something, the information can be delivered to you in just one click. We already have Open universities providing several online courses so it is not really surprising if a Tutorial center like AHEAD to do the same thing and take the same step to bring their methods to another level that will match their student’s needs.

Private tutorials may still be a thing and there might be some working students out there who still spend their extra time providing tutorial services to struggling students and help them out with their studies but with the kind of world we are living today or for some may refer it as the “digital age”, some changes should be embraced for our own good and benefits. Online Tutorial is more like the newest trend for the so-called Millennials and with the rapid growth of technology, I wonder how far this kind of innovation will go for future generations but no matter what kind of teaching or tutorial method there is, what really matters most is to get the kind of education we all truly deserve!

23 thoughts on “Online Tutorial Services! How Millenials Are Embracing This Innovation?”

  1. Becca Talbot says:

    I’ve heard a lot about these online tutorials, but never actually done one myself. Maybe I’ll get around to it someday! x

  2. I love online tutorials. I find I absorb the information much quicker than I would if I was just to read instructions

  3. While I couldn’t imagine doing my degree online, I do think that online tutorials can be helpful. For example they have helped me learn how to code, install plugins and more!

  4. Sabrina says:

    I love online tutorials because it helps me to learn and apply what I have learned. I have learned so many skills from tutorials online. Thank you for sharing

  5. Ali Rost says:

    I’m currently working on a holistic nutrition degree from a school in California who offers an online program. But at the same time I’m tech savvy and have worked from home for the past 10 years, so learning online is a pretty comfortable space for me. Great food for thought. x

  6. Indrani says:

    Online tutorials have a definite advantage over other forms of tutorials. Take it at your convenience!
    And it is this factor that several tutorial institutes highlight. One has to get a bit tech savy then this will seem to be the most ideal.

  7. Maria says:

    It’s great that they have various packages that could suit your needs. AHEAD is really a great review center, as what I’ve heard from friends who have already tried their services before.

    Well, congrats on graduating an engineering degree! Also, good luck on your review and boards!

  8. It is indeed advantageous to be ahead of your batch. Tutorial center may be indeed a great help specially to those who are having difficulty studying on their own. Especially now that Ahead has online programs, too, it would surely be convenient. But personally, though, I would encourage my children to study on their own than rely on tutors for their homework and exams. Surely, the discipline they would get from studying on their own and following a certain study habit will help them as they face more challenges in the future.

  9. This is innovative and very attune to the present needs of millennials. Kids nowadays are very lucky to have high quality review centers that they can study or work with online. It’s convenient and effective.

    I have read a lot of good things about AHEAD and recommending this to family and friends.

  10. Yes, I can see the advantage of online tutorials especially with the digital age changing so quickly and technology advancing at a speed of lightening however we must not underestimate the effect of the human touch. Good post!

  11. Personally I support the facility of having tuition which gives extra exposure for the subjects that students struggle with.That is always helpful not only for the students who are struggling,but also for those who do well in schools.Now,this online tuition concept is really worth as it saves time.At the same time it is convenient for parents too and they know what their children are doing than sending them to the tuition centers!

  12. I did not know AHEAD have several package types. This will be helpful depending in what would fit to the student’s needs. Congratulations for being a self supporting student. I admire people like you which started when I learned my dad was self supporting too. *hats off 🙂

  13. theresa says:

    I’ve heard about AHEAD but I am not aware if they have a physical office near in our place. Not bragging but I didn’t apply for any tutorial center when I was reviewing for our licensure.. It’s because I don’t have it in my budget. But now, with all the online tutorial and stuff, it’s easy to study because there’s Google.

  14. Johna says:

    I actually just recently read another article about something similar. I’ve never tried online tutoring or any tutoring in fact. I am trying to learn French though through an app, which is kind of similar.

  15. Arra Odeza says:

    Some online tutorials can be frustrating because it’s hard to get the instructions without proper guidance. With the help of google, you can now search for different options of the tutorials according to your needs.

  16. Being A self-supported student is truly great and I want to congratulate you on your determination and your mother for her diligence on keeping education first in the forefront of all that you do. Absolutely great post.

  17. London Mumma says:

    It is essentially the way forward in life. We spend most of our time on social media, or the web, so it is a natural progression.

  18. Sauumye says:

    Online Tutorials & Courses are a great way to gain more skills & have an edge over the competition. I personally love them.

  19. Irma says:

    Online tutorials are truly great, at least some of them. I use them in various situations and they can be really helpful. Some of them are not easy to follow though, mostly because they are not very precise. But altogether online tutorials are a cool innovation and I am thankful that they exist.

  20. Veronica P. says:

    I think that all these online tutorials have opened up the access to the knowledge that wasn’t available for everyone before. I can be anywhere in the world and learn from the world’s best minds. Isn’t it precious?

  21. I don’t know if AHEAD played a big role in getting me into a top 4 school since I believe it all boils down to the discipline of the student too. However, being in a review program helps in mental preparation and simulation of taking college exams which increase one’s chances in being in their dream school. It’s great that they have online programs too. They can accommodate those who want to study at the comforts of their home or those who are homeschooled.

  22. Via Bella says:

    As someone who does online school for my kids, I think there is a great in between for kids and this is definitely it.

  23. Olgay says:

    I support online tutorial. This programs save our money and our time. Anywhere anyhow we learn online paying a little money. After tutorial you get examined and have a digital certificated which is a very important looking for a job.

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