Our Grandma

We went to our Grandma’s tomb yesterday in commemoration with the All souls day. That’s also a great opportunity to meet our relatives who traveled so far just to reach th cemetery where my Grandma’s tomb is lying. My Grandma just died last June and as expected, almost all of them were asking about my Lola’s death (Lola is a Filipino term for Grandma). My lola died because of Lung Cancer but be fore it was diagnosed that it is really a cancer, we went a lot of trouble. We went to different hospitals but they all gave us different medical results which makes it quite confusing to us. On thing that makes us really upset is the wrong diagnosis provided to us. If we just found out that my lola is already suffering from cancer, we would have take her to a reliable hospital and maybe we can prevent her cancer cells to spread all over her body and save her life from danger. But the damage has been done and we can do nothing about it. My auntie told us to look for a well trusted Medical Malpracice Attorney like what Tacoma Washington has, to fight for us and received the justice we deserved.

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