Night at the Fair

We went to “Tiyangge” last night. “Tiyangge” is like a bazaar or fair where different small entrepreneurs showcase and sell their products at a very convincing price. We went there to see some cool products and check if we can buy something from it. We intended to go at night because this is said to be the peak hours of the fair (you know! the more the merrier haha). Anyway, we saw a lot of cool stuff from the fair and bought some items too. Actually, one of my intentions why i went there is to look for some cheap yet good-looking polo shirts and some bow ties as well. I noticed that i keep wearing the same clothes every time i go out so i guess it’s time for me to buy new set of them. Too bad, i failed to find them at the tiyangge and what i saw are printed shirts and pants. I also bought Milzon and Mira some cool toys and school supplies. Oh i also bought a new laundry basket to replace my old one. Over all, we really had so much fun that night and we are planning to go there again this coming holiday!

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