My New DigiCam

I just got this brand new portable electronics from my uncle today! Its  a Sony Cyber-Shot  DSC-w130 Point. It has 12.1 megapixels. I’ve been requesting this gadget from my uncle and i am very thankful that he granted my wish this time. This is my first time to try a Digital Camera. Usually, i used my cellphone camera to take pictures but now that i have this very cool Sony Cyber-shot, expect me to share more photos in a very nice and high definition more frequently. Of course, i will never know how good this camera is if i will not try it myself. Here, i took some photos of our newly buy Christmas tree.

This one (above) was taken using my Cellphone Camera

Now this one was taken using my new Sony Cyber-Shot!

What a big difference right? So i would love to grab this opportunity to thank my uncle for giving me such a wonderful gift!

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