Put Your Problems in Writing

Decide upon one problem at a time. , if several situations of a negative nature confront you. Sort them out, write them down in the order in which you wish to dispose of them. The one requiring immediate attention should be tackled first. Reduce each problem to a single sentence.A problem reduced to a single sentence is less likely to confuse you than the same problem spread over several pages. After you have stated your problem in one strong sentence, write down the facts, add two possible solutions, consider the consequences of each, then make your decision and immediately act upon it. When you are involved in making important decisions, never make them while you are ill, emotionally upset or when you have had a little too much to drink or you will add further problems to those you already have. Decide this very moment to stand up to your problems. Don’t let them bring you to your knees; know that faith in the power of your subconscious will open the door and show you how to make important decisions and help you to solve every difficulty that may arise.

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