Recycled Christmas Lanterns (Parol) At Bangenge Festival 2015

You have seen those giant paper-mache mascots and those colorful rabbit lanterns and now, here’s another highlight of the Bangenge Festival, the Lantern-making contest. What really makes this contest more interesting is the fact that students and other participants from different schools and barangays were encouraged to use a not-so-typical material for their lanterns. The goal is to create a lantern out of a recycled material. You will be surprised how resourceful and creative these participants are. These star-shaped lanterns are known as Parol that represents the star of Bethlehem.PC152591tThe frame of these lanterns are usually made from bamboo sticks. This one is wrapped with newspapers and topped with coconut leaf sheath.PC152592tThis one is also made from coconut branches and leaf sheath with a hand-drawn scene depicting the Nativity or simply known as BelenPC152588tThis Parol is made from Banig( a handwoven mat made from dried palm)PC152587tA colorful Parol made from disposable cups and plastic bagsZXDSASWSA lantern wrapped with plastic sack and plastic bottles (the bottom part to be specific)PC152581tThis one is made from old printed papers and magazinesPC152580tThis one is made from disposable forks and bottle capsZZZSDDWSSThis parol is wrapped with disposable spoon and forkPC152578tA lantern made entirely from drinking strawsPC152577tThis one is made from bamboo sticksPC152570tSomeone has been drinking a lot of Yakult lately ^_^PC152562tOh and C2 Drink tea too!PC152564tMade with Abaca silk and bamboo sticks.
All of them is surely a winner but if you are to judge this competition, which lantern do you think is the best?

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6 thoughts on “Recycled Christmas Lanterns (Parol) At Bangenge Festival 2015”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I would choose the one with recycled printed papers and magazines for only one reason- it is genuinely recycled. Recycling for me is using used things to make something else just like the Yakult one or the one I chose. Have a great weekend!

  2. [SK] says:

    a very good initiatives for the authority to get participants to make lanterns using recycled materials, and that must have got the participants being very creative and have fun with the process of making the lanterns.. I personally like the one using coconut leaves, it’s very special.. 🙂

  3. Jean Soo says:

    you are right! all of them surely a winner. I am a bad judge, I couldn’t decide which is the winner. I like the one with disposable spoon and fork, and drinking straws… and also bamboo sticks. 🙂

  4. Lux says:

    Sooo creatively done. Not to mention environment-friendly and festive too.
    Happy Christmas!

  5. Marcky says:

    sir gagamitin ko po sana yung mga images na nandito for tarpaulin lang po ng contest. Salamat po. di ko naman po tatanggalin watermarks

    1. adminbdmc says:

      Sure Marcky 🙂

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