The Restored Beauty of Long Beach Resort in Noveleta Cavite

We went to Villa Mar Beach Resort in Noveleta not too long ago and we were greeted by nothing but disappointments (Check : Villa Mar Beach Resort : A Wasted Paradise) . Not that we are expecting too much from it but it was not the same beach that we once loved. My mother used to take us there every summer when we were kids. Unfortunately due to negligence and possibly lack of maintenance, Villa Mar became a wasted paradise of Noveleta. Same fate happened to the nearby resorts such as Long Beach and Lido Beach which was once dubbed as the Boracay of Cavite.
Last year, with the combined efforts of the Government of Noveleta, the local residents and some NGOs, Long Beach was slowly transformed back to its former glory. Located within Barangay San Rafael 4 (just few meters walk from the main road), you’ll find Noveleta’s Long Beach Resort. You will be greeted with a great atmosphere which was truly a big leap from its previous condition.
There were palm trees, colorful banners, cottages and food stalls within the resort. The place is filled with “Rasta colors” which gives the resort some sort of Jamaican vibes on it.
DSCF3715tThe shore of Noveleta is known for its black sand and that’s exactly what you’ll see in Long Beach Resort. However, if there is one major transformation made in this place, it’s definitely the overall cleanliness of the resort. The sand are notably finer and the water is way better than what we have seen in Villa Mar years ago. I still remember how terrified we were after seeing a floating diaper near the shore.
DSCF3747tKids playing on the sand.
The beach may not be as grand as other beach resorts in the entire province but absolutely worth visiting. I really appreciate how the government in Noveleta spent extreme efforts to restore the place. Take note that this is just the beginning of their campaign and they are still doing more to bring the resort back to its former glory and I bet the nearby resorts are doing the same campaign too.
DSCF3738ttLong Beach is a public resort and the best part about it, everyone can access it for free. Yes, currently, there is no entrance fee in the resort. You can however rent a cottage or better yet bring your own tent to keep your belongings.
DSCF3757tCurrently, there are more or less 20 Nipa Hut cottages within the resort. You can rent a cottage for Php500
DSCF3762tAside from the cottages, you can also rent tents, umbrella and Banig (mats). Tent can be rented for Php200
DSCF3769tYou can bring your own food but you can also find food stalls within the area. What I love about this campaign is the fact that the restoration was made not just to improve the town’s tourism but also to help locals earn revenue by allowing them to run their small businesses in the resort.
DSCF3704tIf you are lucky enough, you can capture the resort in its most Instagram-worthy time during Sunset. You can also rent a boat for Php400-500 that gives you a quick round trip from Long Beach to Sangley Point. The rate is good for 8-10 people.

Since the resort is still under restoration, there are some notable downsides. First, they are not open for overnight stays yet because the area has no electricity at the moment. Secondly, the resort cannot accommodate large amount of visitors yet due to limited cottage but then you can always bring your own tent.

Things you should Know before visiting Long Beach Resort

►The resort is located in San Rafael 4 Noveleta
►There is NO entrance fee in Long Beach Resort
►Cottage Rate is at Php500
►Tent can be rented for Php200-300
►You can also rent Banig, umbrella and floaters
►You can find food stalls nearby
►A clean comfort room with very minimal fee
►The Parking rate ranges from Php10-30 depending on your vehicle
►No Overnight stay
►MOST OF ALL, be RESPONSIBLE. Don’t leave your trash and keep the resort clean!

How to Get Here

Well, if you are coming from Manila or any nearby towns in Cavite, you should know that there is only one way going here. Ride a bus (Saint Anthony de Padua or Saulog buses) that are bound to Cavite City.  Drop off to San Rafael 4 or ask the driver to drop you off in Long Beach. You can see signage near the main road.  Just few walks and you’ll see the resort.

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