Revisiting History Con Manila 2016 And What To Expect This Year #HistoryConManila2017

IMG_0760tWe only have few days left before making another History! After the successful event last year, History Con Manila is back and this time they are bringing bigger and grander surprises for everyone. Before we get into the details of what are the things to expect this year, let us go back and revisit the previous convention. History Channel Asia just had their very first History Convention last year and they have chosen our country as their first venue. It turned out very successful and it is not really surprising why the second History Con will be held again in Manila.

What is History Con?
History Con is a one of a kind convention which is done in celebration of all things entertainment with History Channel leading the way. Interestingly, the event is not just everything about the History Channel, as what the title of the event suggests, it is all about history and anything related to it. Based on what we have experienced last year, it seems like 70 percent of the exhibits are done to promote the History Asia channel shows. In fact, almost half of the part of the World Trade Center last year was filled with different cars of different kinds (supercars, family cars, American muscle cars to name a few) and they were all exhibited to promote their Celebrity Car Wars show. The remaining 30 is all about real history. We have seen a bunch of antique collectors, an area dedicated to veteran soldiers, a collection of old vehicles, an exhibit of presidential cars and more.  The event will surely take you back in time as it features some interesting items that will bring so much nostalgia. Apart from that, the event also tried to break three world records including the largest amount of burger consumed in one minute

Here are few things you have probably missed last year

Reenactments of World War 2 events!
One of the most interesting highlights of last year’s History Con is the tribute to our brave Filipino freedom fighters during the second world war. They made an exhibit brought by VeteransBank showcasing pictures of world war 2 and some memorabilia in relation to the historic event. In addition to that, they did a series of reenactments where History Hustle host Simon Yin even had a cameo role. The event also screen film documentaries related to such topic as part of their attempt to break the longest TV Marathon.
Rare and Vintage Collections
One of my favorite booths in last year’s History Con is the The Filipino Picker booth. Mark Gianan aka The Filipino Picker ahas one of the largest 80’s and 90’s collections of rare antiques, toys, vintage radios tvs and many more.Most of his collections are used in Pinoy movies like shake rattle and roll and other Tv series. I personally like his booth the most! I grew up in 90s and it is so nice to see those classic toys that I grew up playing with! I was thrilled to see a bunch of old Funny Comics and Jollibee Collectibles in his booth!
It was a big surprise for me to see an overwhelming amount of cars in this event. It was like half of the convention is more of a car show! We spotted supercars, American muscle cars , vintage cars and even the presidential cars too. There was even a portion showcasing some well-restored cars including that stunning 1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible and a classic Volkswagen Bus. Speeboats for some weird reasons were part of the exhibit too! We also spotted a collection of classic and vintage bikes brought by BZEKLETA.
The Alien Guy!!!
The best part of the convention are the celebrity guests but if there is someone among them that stands out the most, it is no other than Mr Giorgio Tsoukalos or more popularly known as the Alien guy! Yes, the guy behind that viral meme! I wasn’t able to catch him though.

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This year, History Con Manila 2017 promised to make the event even Bigger, Better and Bolder! It will be a four day event starting tomorrow August 10 to August 13. It will be held on the same venue last year which is the World Trade Center. The event will have more than 300 exhibitors showcasing wide range of items from vintage collections and more.

Much like last year, they will also feature HISTORY Channel celebrities (the Alien Guy however is not included). Ride ‘N Seek host Jamie Dempsey, Forged in Fire finalist and fellow Pinoy Ryu Lim, Counting Cars’ airbrush artist Horny Mike, and Photo Face-Off’s photography extraordinaire Justin Mott will grace the stage!

Pawnstars Rick Harrison will be back and Danielle Colby from The Pickers will complete the list of stars who will be in this highly anticipated convention. The event will also coincide with HISTORY channel’s tenth year anniversary in Asia in which they will be awarding 10 notable individual who have made a significant impact in the country’s life and culture.

Some activities include the Retro Basketball 3 on 3 ; History Bee School Competition; An Attempt to break Three World Records; Bike Build Off and Toys and Superheroes Exhibit and a Cosplay competition as well!

By the way, there will be a History Con Malaysia too

The General Admission for History Con Manila 2017 is Php250 per day │ The 4Day History Maker Pass is worth Php1500 (with exclusive access to some of their special programs ) while the VIP PASS can be availed for Php 10,000 (You Can check more details about the tickets here  –

Heres the Schedule of Activities for History Con Manila 2017

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