Running For A Cause

Starting today, i will start hitting the gym as often as i can. I was invited by my Friend to join a 10 Kilometer Marathon as a part of their school’s foundation Day. They will not be doing it just for fun. They will have this Marathon for a good cause. Ate Jackie(the one who invited me), is one of the school’s alumni and her batch mates are the reason behind this very meaningful event. The money that they will get from this event will be given to the School to improve their facilities and to add more rooms for their students. It is a public school and the Government is not giving enough budget to improve their buildings that’s why i really like to be a part of this event so that I could help them  in my own simply way.

Actually, they started to look for major sponsors and make solicit for this event. I am not an athletic guy and i’m really not into running but I will be doing this for a very good cause.In fact, i just bought a pair of running shorts and rubber shoes for this event.

Well, i still have three weeks left to prepare for this event. I will buzz about this “Running For A cause” event soon. Have a great day guys and Happy blogging!

1 thought on “Running For A Cause”

  1. Raffy says:

    Ako rin gusto konh tumakbo, kaya lang madali ako mapagod.

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