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I was searching for some creative tattoo designs on the web awhile ago.It may sounds weird but the story behind this search was when i saw my cousins new tattoo on his left arm. I felt a bit jealous actually, wishing that i could have got better and bigger tattoo than him.

While i was searching the web, i found out that tattoo not just symbolizes masculinity as we know it. I never realized that they have different meanings and they are more than just prints. I remember the last time i went on a tattoo shop was when i was in high school. No, i didn’t go there to get tattoo , i was there because my Uncle decided to take me and let me watch him while the tattoo artist is doing his stuffs on his back. I remember there was a huge tattoo compilations there that allows his customers to choose what tattoo they would like. And i was like searching a mini star on huge galaxy because there are hundred thousands of them being presented on that book.

Anyway, going back to the meanings of tattoos, it says that Tribal tattoos are the one that symbolizes Masculinity. It also symbolizes brotherhood and leadership. This is the reason why most men have tribal tattoos on their body.

Cross tattoos on the other hands, symbolize fertility, spiritual and healing.

People get Animal tattoos to represent their personality and souls. They might be representing their Chinese Zodiacs too.

Floral tattoos are mostly for women which symbolizes femininity.

But in the end, it will still depends upon your own preferences. Choosing for tattoo is like a big decision to make because most of tattoos are permanent while others take time to be removed unless you have tattoo removal cream with you.

They said that tattoo symbolizes man’s personality but it doesn’t mean that you have to get tattoo just to be cool. You also have to be aware that tattoo are kinda harmful to your blood too especially if you landed on a wrong and unprofessional tattoo artist.

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