A Frustrated Comic Artist

I really love to draw ever since i was a kid. It’s like a stress reliever activity for me. I used to draw whenever i feel bored. I was inspired by those Japanese manga and anime. And since then, i started to make my own comic series. Though i am not showing it to anyone because i don’t have that courage and i feel that my drawing and my comics are not good enough. I’m not good in sketching and charcoal painting but i’m more of conventional drawings. Right now, i’m working with my new comic series entitled “Final Encounter”. It is a story about a boy named Jazz destined to save the princess Jane who has been kidnapped by Captain Bruce. Yeah i know that it is a typical hero story that we’ve seen on TV but i put some twist on it. I’m planning to build a website for this. I’ll buzz about it soon. HaveĀ  great day guys and happy blogging.

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