Paying Tribute To Gumby!

I am so happy to see my all time favorite “Gumby” as Google Doodles the person behind this iconic Stop Motion Clay Star, Art Clokey to pay tribute for his 90th Birthday. Wow, It’s been more than a decade since I last saw Gumby and friends. I grew up watching the show. Well, it was originally aired in the 50’s but Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network re-run most of the Gumby episodes that’s why I am, somehow, familiar with the show.

Google Doodles Featuring Gumby and Friends

The doodles feature five clay balls and each of them will reveal a character from Gumby. The red ball beside the “G” toy block features the Blockheads; the yellow ball reveals Prickle; Goo is for the blue ball; Gumby for green and Pokey for the last red ball. Other notable characters that are not featured in the doodle include Minga, Gumba, Gumbo and More.


To pay tribute for Art Clokey, I made my own Gumby clay haha. It’s pretty bad I know but I hope you like it guys hehe. After seeing Gumby, I started to search some of its early episodes on YouTube. Milzon is really not familiar with Gumby so I have to introduce the character by showing him some episodes through YouTube. I might consider installing a you tube video downloader program on my PC and compile all Gumby episodes on my computer so Milzon can watch it over and over again.

For the meantime, Check this rare video I got from YouTube, showing the Gumby Adventure’s Opening Theme Song.

Remember the song? “If You Have A Heart then Gumby is a Part of You“♫♫♫ Come on, Sing with me LOL

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