Saint Peter The Martyr Parish in Sual, Pangasinan

After the Alaminos Cathedral (Check: Alaminos Cathedral), we headed to our next destination in Pangasinan. We went to the historical town of Sual to visit the simple yet beautiful church dedicated under the patronage of Saint Peter The Martyr of Verona. The first church was constructed in early 1800 under the leadership of Fr Gabriel Perez. It was also declared as an independent parish in 1837 just just few decades after the town of Sual became an independent municipality.

According to Wikipedia as referred from the “Philippine Architecture During the Pre-Spanish and Spanish Period”, the construction of the first church and the convent was completed in 1870. There were some accounts though stating that the first church was completed under Fr Pedro Villanova between 1847-1848.

The construction of the second church took place in 1883 and was completed in 1891. The church was consecrated in 1893. The third and the present church was built in in the heart of Sual town. Unfortunately, much like most buildings and churches during the 1945 Battle of Manila, the Sual church was also utterly destroyed. With the combined effort of the parish and the parishioners, the church was reconstructed and was brought back to its former beauty.

Saint Peter the Martyr Parish has a very interesting facade. It comes with a two-storey high facade with various columns and niches with stained glass windows. There’s really not much ornamentation which is also matched with a simple yet neat interior.

The main altar features the image of the crucified Christ on the center niche just above the tabernacle. The two sanctuaries on both sides of the main altar feature the images of Saint Peter the Martyr of Verona and Our Lady of the Manaoag.
The central nave and the altar. The main altar comes with white and gold accent.
DSCF4736tBeside the main altar are stained glass decor featuring images of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on one side and Saint Joseph on the other.
The image of Sto Cristo in the main altar
The patron saint of Sual, Saint Peter the Martyr of Verona (You can also check: Saint Peter of Verona Parish in Bataan).
The image of Our Lady of Manaoag, another Patroness of Pangasinan.

Saint Peter The Martyr Parish is located in Padilla St, Poblacion, Sual, Pangasinan.

The parish office is open daily (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 8am to 12nn / Wednesday, Friday and Saturday @ 8am to 5pm).

Holy Masses : Sunday (6Am and 8Am Mass)/ Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (6Am) / Wednesday and First Friday (5PM)

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  • September 17, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Would you have any notes on the large crucifix, e.g., when it was made and by whom? I wonder if it dates from when the church was rebuilt after the war, or from when the church was originally erected in perhaps the early 20th century?


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