Six Greatest “Geeky Conventions” In Philippines 2016

It has been a fruitful year for me! I have accomplished so many things that are beyond my expectations. I was able to check off most of the items on my bucket list for this year and I am completely satisfied with it. Don’t worry, this is not yet my year-ender post but I just made this special entry to list down six of the greatest conventions I have ever attended this year (cuz I don’t think there will be any “geeky” conventions this coming December).  I know this blog is all about my personal travels and pilgrims but sometimes the geek in me comes out and I can’t help to share my personal geeky adventures.  This year was a great blast because i was able to attend some of the biggest conventions of 2016. So without any further ado, here are my list of six greatest conventions of 2016.
1. ToyConPh 2016 (June 2016)
Among all the geeky conventions in the Philippines, ToyConPH has a very high reputation and is probably considered as the longest running convention in the country.  ToyCon is an annual pop culture event that gathers hard core toy collectors, otakus, video gamers, cosplayers and fans together. ToyCon celebrated their 15th anniversary with a vast of wonderful improvements. This yearly event which started way back in 2002 brought by The Asian Comics, Toys and Hobbies Collective Inc. as a convention exclusively for toy collectors has grown so much and is now recognized by the international industry of toys, comics, movies and anime. This year, they have invited Hollywood stars like Daniel Logan (Boba Fett), Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon (Twilight Saga), Heffron Drive, and Kristian Nairn (Hodor of GoT). Encantadia cast also made waves as they tease their series reboot. The event also highlights the 25 ft tall statue of Voltes V in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

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2. History Con Asia 2016 (August 2016)
History Con 2016 is the first ever convention of its kind. It is done in celebration of all things entertainment with History Channel leading the way. It was actually a very random convention and it has so many things to offer but one thing is clear, the event aimed to break history by making world records.  It has so many things to offer, historically relevant exhibits, Car shows, International celebrity guests, an overwhelming amount of contests and tournaments. The event features celebrities from local and international media. Some of their guests insludes Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens, Ian Matthews, Damon Runyan and whole lot more. One of my personal favorites is the overwhelming amount of antique collections which are all very nostalgic.

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3. AsiaPop Comicon 2016 (August 2016)
AsiaPop Comicon 2016 is probably one of the biggest and highly anticipated conventions held in our country this year. The event featured a powerful line of celebrities (local and international), entertainments guests, comic artists, cosplayers and a whole lot more that brought the ultimate fan experience! Some of the guests of this year’s AsiaPop Comicon includes Nicholas Hoult (X-Men, Warm Bodies, Skins and Mad Max) , Millie Bobbie Brown (Stranger Things), Joe Dempsie (Game Of Thrones), and Claire Holt (Vampire Diaries and H2O: Just Add Water). On top of these great celebrities, the event also features some exclusive activities and happenings including the intriguing Hall M which is only restricted to 1000 attendees.

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4. Cosplay Mania 2016 (October 2016)
Dubbed as the biggest Cosplay convention in the country. Cosplay Mania 2016 is a two day event and was held at SMX Center in Mall of Asia.Cosmania was the first ever convention I have attended way back in 2012 and since then, I have been patronizing this convention as it brings out the inner geek in me! The event is not just for Cosplayers alone but it also featured an overwhelming amount of booths that are certainly for certified otakus. They had a slight increase with their ticket pricing though which includes the Gold tickets which allows convention goers to watch the concert at 7pm. They have also invited some of internationally acclaimed cosplayers like Kaname, Yukari Shimotsuki, Tomia, Rumi and more. Of course, one of the highlights here are the cosplay competition.

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5. Blogapalooza Horizon 2.0 (Novemeber 2016)
Blogapalooza is a huge blogging convention that gathers an overwhelming amount of social media influenser and bloggers and businesses together. Blogapalooza is a Business to blogger networking and marketing event. This event allows the businesses/ brands to present and promote their products to bloggers and social media influencers. This event could also be a perfect way for the two (Business and Bloggers) to collaborate with each other for their own benefits. This year was a big blast for Blogapalooza. They didn’t just manage to invite various blogger community outside Manila but they also had a very successful launch of the country’s first ever influencer marketing platform, the country’s first ever influencer marketing platform, the Buzzin.

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15095705_658389197663863_647031914625759985_nPhoto Credit : The Geekery Philippines
6. Komikon 2016 (November 2016)
Komikon is an annual comics convention in the Philippines and what really makes it even more interesting is the fact that this convention promotes our very own comics artists and their marvelous mastepiece. Too bad I wasn’t able to attend this year’s Komikon 2016 and I keep myself updated through their official Facebook Page. Some of the highlights includes the newly launched Pedro Penduko comic series inspired from the original Francisco Coching, Zuma by Hal Santiago, Lingon by Mel Casipit and more. Another interesting highlights is the exhibit od reinterpreted artworks of Mars Ravelo in celebration of the artists’ 100th Anniversary.

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