St Augustine Church In Mendez Cavite

After the St Gregory the Great Church, we headed to the nearby town of Indang, the Mendez-Nuñez, one of the smallest and upland towns of Cavite province. The small and peaceful town of Mendez has St Augustine Church which is really accessible as it can be found at the highway across the town plaza.GEDC0162eIt is one of the notable Twin Tower churches in Luzon and the only one in Cavite. Although it doesn’t look like an old Church after its recent renovation in 2005, Mendez Church or officially known as St. Augustine Parish was was established in 1881 although other sources were claiming that it was established around 1712 but the church was destroyed during the second world war.  The church recently celebrated its 300th anniversary!
GEDC0160e Even though the Church undergone major renovation it is interesting to note that the original church bells dated 1883 are still on display.GEDC0162e The St Augustine Church facade
GEDC0165e Here’s the Church’s Nave
GEDC0166e A closer look to the main altar. GEDC0170 Different replicas on the lower right wing of the church. Another thing that makes Mendez Church more popular aside from being a great wedding venue is the fact that Cardinal Luis Antonio De Tagle, after being ordained was assigned in this parish as an associate pastor.GEDC0173eGEDC0174eGEDC0167 After the St Augustine Church In Mendez, we hit Tagaytay and went to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish!

2 thoughts on “St Augustine Church In Mendez Cavite

  • October 17, 2015 at 9:41 am

    I would like to contact the parish priest of St. Augustine church, Mendez, as I am buying a piece of property there. Please get back at me with a phone number, or an email address. Thank you.

  • May 25, 2021 at 10:16 am

    Just read this message year 2021
    I will be the parish priest of mendez this june 2021
    Hope to visit if you already bought avprooerty there


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