Having Fun While On A Luxury Jet

I love flying on luxury jets. It is the ideal way to travel across the world. My career forces me to constantly move from A to B in order to meet clients. Thankfully I have a private luxury jet for this purpose, though people will often use a service like Jettly instead, which is perfectly understandable. People who fly often may end up getting bored after a while. This is especially true if it is a very long journey. Luckily I have compiled a list of activities to make the hours literally fly by. This will hopefully help fellow jet lovers to make the most of their time during flights.

Have A Party

My plane is large enough to fit a good number of my friends. I therefore like to use it as a venue for parties. When this happens I have to plan out the logistics such as the length of the journey and how to get my guests back home. The plane should be stocked with enough food and drink for everyone. It is also important that I only have jet parties during my free time and not when I have work the next day. There are safety procedures that need to be followed as well.

Watch Movies

My luxury jet has television screens installed which allow me to watch DVDs. I like to keep a bunch of movies on the plane at all times. I recommend that other plane owners bring along a selection of their favorite films. I do not always know what I will be in the mood for. Because of this I have a wide selection of genres to choose from. This includes comedy, horror, action and a few Hollywood classics. Having a decent variety is also useful in case a guest comes on board.

Play Video Games

As much as I love movies my real passion is video games. I have hooked up a console inside my luxury jet so that I can play my favorite games whilst flying. This is sure to make the journey appear to go a lot faster. If other plane owners do not want to go to such lengths they could instead bring a decent smartphone with them. These devices allow users to play some of the most popular games for iOS and Android.

Playing solitaire card games is such an excellent time killer. You can enjoy playing these classic card games straight from your mobile device. There are many variations of solitaire and some browser-based games allow you to explore them all. Unlike hardcore games, these card games are notably light, simple, and absolutely fun to play with.

Enjoy The Views

I do not have to look inside the cabin for distractions. Instead I will often look outside of it. A luxury jet can take me across the globe where I am able to see some truly spectacular sites. Whilst flowing fairly low I will look down on different forms of nature and civilization. Even at high altitudes the cloudy skies offer their own unique distractions. When I bring my friends on the jet they often take photos of the views and post them onto social media. Jets are certainly a way to wow followers on these kinds of apps.

Read A Book

Partying and enjoying sights is fun but sometimes I prefer to have more of a quiet journey. Jet flights offer the chance to sit down comfortably and enjoy a good book. Since they can be quite heavy I do not have an entire collection of books stored on the plane. Instead I bring one single novel with me. I highly recommend that other flyers do the same as it is a very relaxing and enriching experience. I am sometimes able to finish an entire book before the jet lands.

Do Something Creative

I know several people working in the creative industries who like to write or draw when flying. Long journeys give them the opportunity to do what they love without being interrupted. The world is full of distractions that can prevent people from creating new stories or illustrations. When up in the sky inside a luxury jet these distractions are no longer an issue. This mode of transport is great for anyone who needs a bit of alone time to work on important projects.