Taking Blood Oxygen Saturation Easier and No Pain

In every employment, it is a standard procedure that each and every applicant who passed the screening exams should undergo medical examination before being hired by a company. I’ve been in several companies before and I’ve took medical exams several times already. I hate medical exams actually. I hate it not in the way that I have a disease or something that they can discover because of its painful procedure. I was such a shame but honestly, I have fear in syringes. I got that fear since I was a kid and until now, I am still afraid of it. In order to pass medical exams, they have to check your blood pressure, eye vision, hearing, lungs condition, medical history, etc. In order to get that information they have to take urine sample, stool, X-ray, and blood sample. The hardest and painful part of it for me would be the blood sample because they have to take blood from you through injecting syringe. For the sake of passing the exam, I have no choice but to take it. That is why I am so happy to know that there are now some medical devices like the “finger pulse oximeter” where in instead of measuring oxygen saturation through getting blood sample from the patient, you just have to clamp it on the tip of your finger and it will measure the blood’s oxygen saturation automatically and accurately. From now on, I have nothing to be afraid of in taking medical exams.

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