The Shocking Episode of Walking Dead

 photo Inmates_Mika_and_Lizzie_zpsdc7bfa0a.jpg I am a big fan of Walking Dead and I have been an avid follower of Robert Kirkman’s masterpiece in both Comics and TV Adaptation. The last episode was a shocking one but also predictable at some point. I really have that feeling that Lizzie and Mika would be the TV version of Ben and Billy from one of the story arcs of Walking Dead comics. My suspicion grew stronger when Lizzie almost killed Judith in one of the series episodes. The dead rats were also an indication that she is really acting like Ben. In the comics, Ben killed his twin brother Billy,assuming that his brother will go back to life. This is the same scene we have witnessed in the previous episode. In fact, Lizzie even shared the same quotes made by Ben “Don’t worry he’s going to come back. I din’t hurt his brain”. The only twist and shocking about the last episode is the scene where Carol killed Lizzie which is a part done by Carl Grimes in the comics. The confession of Carol to Tyreese was even more intense. Generally, I am happy that the Tv adaptation is starting to diverse closely to the original plot of the comics and I am so excited to find more in its three remaining episodes.

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