Things To Do In Dubai With Kids

Dubai is a wonderful vacation for people of all ages, but particularly developed attractions for children make it much more so. The entertainment options for children are endless, ranging from indoor to outdoor activities. The top activities to do in Dubai with kids include LEGOLAND, Kidzania, and the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Natural and man-made attractions are included in Dubai’s kid-friendly activities. Throughout the trip, curious minds may learn about technology while riding on a wave of exhilaration.

We’ve put up a list of fun activities for kids to do in Dubai so they can get their fill of entertainment.

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Atlantis Waterpark :

Get your Atlantis Waterpark tickets to visit one of the massive water parks located in the Persian Gulf on the island of The Palm Jumeirah. Not only in the United Arab Emirates, but also in the Middle East, this amusement park is one of the largest. It spans 17 hectares and uses over 18,000,000 gallons of water to power its various attractions. Because they were all deliberately created, the Palm Islands themselves can be regarded as a true miracle. Palm Jumeirah, one of the world’s largest and most opulent Atlantis Hotels, was the first to open in 2008. Aquaventure Atlantis, a series of luxurious water activities for the whole family, is held on the grounds of this hotel.


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Dubai Parks and Resorts:

It is the world’s largest integrated theme park, providing thrilling entertainment to youngsters and the young at heart in a variety of ways. A trip to Dubai Park and Resorts is one of the best methods for kids to participate in enjoyable activities in Dubai. Book your Dubai parks and resorts tickets and visit Legoland Dubai, Legoland Water Park, Motiongate, and Bollywood Park are just a few of the excellent theme parks there.

Legoland is a terrific playground for youngsters with over 40 thrilling rides and a plethora of gigantic Legos to marvel at. And Motiongate is a particularly developed zone for movie buffs, with roughly 27 rides and an unforgettable experience.


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Oli Oli:

Enhance your child’s experience by introducing them to Dubai’s unique and innovative idea. This attraction provides children aged 2 to 11 with unique experiences. It is one of the greatest venues for your children to play various games. Notably, games are the means through which children may participate in a variety of exciting activities in Dubai.

Oli Oli is separated into eight unique themed galleries. Toshi Net, a vivid hanging play area that is handcrafted, is the major feature of this kid’s playground.

Oli Oli is the place to go if you’re searching for something different to do in Dubai with your kids.


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Looking for kid-friendly educational activities in Dubai? Visit Kidzania, an award-winning children’s entertainment concept located in Dubai Mall. It’s an interactive indoor entertainment complex featuring paved streets, buildings, and a working economy.

Kidzania is a children’s theme park where kids may learn and grow while having fun. They will be able to choose from over 80 different occupations, including dentist, cabin crew, firefighter, and more. Overall, Kidzania offers a variety of exciting activities to do in Dubai with kids that provide unique experiences.

This environment helps kids to behave and think on their own. The Space Centre, on the other hand, is one of Kidzania’s biggest attractions, where curious minds can learn about astronauts and the cosmos through virtual reality and other interactive exhibits and attractions


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Dubai Dolphinarium:

In the Dubai Dolphinarium, your children may interact with some of nature’s nicest mammals. The Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the top locations to take your family in Dubai. At Dubai Dolphinarium, your children may participate in a variety of fun activities.
Some of the finest things here include swimming with dolphins, witnessing bird displays, becoming a trainer, and learning more about these aquatic creatures. Kids will be able to participate in 5D and 7D cinematic experiences as well as take selfies with dolphins.


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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo:

Exploring the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is another kid-friendly activity available at Dubai Mall. More than 33,000 aquatic species are available for children to learn about. Both kids and adults will have a blast participating in exhilarating activities that provide a one-of-a-kind experience. You may go scuba diving here even if you don’t know how to swim.

Aside from that, you may interact with aquatic species, offer them food, and take a memorable trek through a tunnel connecting the aquariums. Another exciting activity for the youngsters is a glass bottom ride. The finest part of your Dubai trip with kids would be learning more about aquatic animals while having fun.

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Desert Safari :

One of the finest family-friendly activities in Dubai is spending your holiday in the desert. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the traditional and cultural mood by participating in a variety of activities. Your children will enjoy all of the attractions and activities available in the Dubai Desert.

Everything about this place is amazing, from the camel ride to camping in the tent beneath the stars. Trying several traditional relaxation activities provides you a fresh perspective on Dubai’s desert. It’s one of the best ways to get a close look at Dubai’s rugged beauty.


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