Tips On Buying Used Cars Part 2

Here is my continuation on my post “Tips on Buying Used Car“.

  1. Keep your mind on the cash difference between your trade-in and the car that you might buy.  If the offer made in your own car seems very generous, then there probably is inflamation in the price of the car to be purchased, or shortcomings in its condition, or inflation in the financing charges.
  2. Dealers just cannot price their used car on a take it or leave it basis. Buyers won’t let them. the average buyer has an affection for a car that has served him for two or three years, and he is determined to get all he can possibly for it.
  3. Your own or your mechanic’s infection should not overlook the tires, one of the most obvious indicators of wear and tear. Insist on replacement if the tires are too slick , or have cracked or cut sidewalls.
  4. In any case, do not rely on the speedmaster reading to tell you how far the car has traveled. Some dealers roll them back; some don’t. Instead, let the general mechanical condition of the car be your guide.
  5. Use care in financing a car. Before you sign an order, make certain that you know not only the monthly payments, but what the total cost is. The charge for borrowing money are part of the price of the car. A credit union is a good place to finance your car; so is the bank on a direct loan; so are the finance companies owned by car manufacturers.
  6. One good guideline: Buy a car whose price, including sales tax and motor vehicle office or department fees, is low enough to permit  you to pay at least 30 percent as down payment. Buying Used cars on five or ten percent down can set you up for very high finance charges.

Okay, that is all i can advise based on my eperience. If you can add more, feel free to comment here and ahre it with my readers

Happy blogging everyone.

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