Travel Back In Time With Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar Part 3

Finally, here comes the post to conclude my Las Casa Filipinas De Acuzar experience. As much as we want to explore all the houses in the resort, not all of them were accessible since most of them are hotel rooms and vacation houses which mean, they are being occupied by other visitors. But then, you are still free to navigate around and witness the beauty of their exteriors. In addition to that,  the package we availed includes the free use of their swimming pool but unfortunately, it was raining that time so some of us decided to stay in our van instead.  So today, I’m sharing you some of the houses that we failed to visit yet still remarkable enough to catch our attention.IMG_0018t
The Casa Irosin as viewed from the Reception HallIMG_0047tLook at those interesting murals! Much like the La Ribera houses, you can appreciate these more if you availed their boat tour package.IMG_0020tJust in front of the Casa Irosin is the stunning Plaza Maria. It is smaller than the Plaza Marcelino yet offer a much more stunning view.IMG_0054tI’m not sure with the name but this is one of the corner houses near the La Puesta Del Sol!IMG_0055tThe 3-storey house is adorned by these intricately carved sculptures!IMG_0058tThe Casa San LuisIMG_0065tThe Casa San Luis is situated near the Plaza MarcelinoIMG_0084tThe Casa Lemery. The house has 51 square meters in area and has 2 bedrooms and each night will cost you more than 28k! Wow!IMG_0086tThe Casa Ladrillo. Much like Casa Lemery, Casa Ladrillo also has 51 square meters but it has higher rate amounting to 75K per night!IMG_0088tThe Casa LadrilloIMG_0103tHotel De OrienteIMG_0115tHotel De Oriente is based on the original Hotel de Oriente in Binondo—the first premier hotel in the country and the second building in the Philippines to have a telephone. The replica in Las Casas was built in 2013 and was finished in time for the Bataan leg of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit last year. It has two large halls that can accommodate 1,000 persons and four function rooms named after locales of Old ManilaIMG_0116tUnfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to witness its breathtaking interior.IMG_0117tThe exterior of the hotel as viewed from Tulay Ni Lola BasyangIMG_0124tThe hotel as viewed from Casa LubaoIMG_0118tThe Tulay ni Lola Basyang (The bridge of Lola Basyang).IMG_0119tSculptures at the end of the bridge depicting Lola Basyang and kids.IMG_0132tCasa BulacanIMG_0137tThe Casa Bulacan is located just beside the Casa Lubao. Outside, you’ll find sculptures depicting kids playing “Luksong Baka”, a classic Filipino gameIMG_0158tIf you are lucky enough, you might spot this cool Calesa roaming around the resort.IMG_0162tLocated at the center of Plaza Mayor De Tobias are these interesting women sculptures which somehow reminds me of those female statues in Zapote Bridge.IMG_0163tThe Casa Baliuag 1. The original Casa Baliuag, also from Bulacan, was built in 1898 in front of the Baliuag Church. It features the highly floral motif in fashion at that time. The owner also married for the second time after his first wife died. All in all he had 21 children, but otherwise their life was uneventful. The lower part of the house became known as “luwasan” because it was where people waited for their ride to Manila.IMG_0185tThe Casa Baliuag 1 As viewed from the windows of Casa Biñan where we stayed for another half hour while waiting for the rain to stop!IMG_0184tIMG_0190tThe Santuario de San Jose!IMG_0097tThe church as viewed from Casa Hagonoy. It is interesting to note that they are slowly and intricately bringing the iconic replica of Santuario De San Jose back to its former glory! It is indeed a picture perfect venue for a wedding!IMG_0266tA fountain that reminds me of the one in CarriedoIMG_0267tIMG_0268tThe stunning facade of the Santuario de San Jose in Las Casas Filipinas De AcuzarIMG_0272tThe Santuario as viewed from the Tulay Ni Lola BasyangIMG_0229tIn case you do not want too much walking, you might consider availing their train tour!IMG_0233tIMG_0238tThe Casa Mexico which serves as one of their Reception Hall as well. IMG_0236tThe Casa Mexico is located near the Plaza Atienza. It is also interesting to note that this house was salvaged from a junk shop and reconstructed using an old photograph.
IMG_0241tThe Casa Unisan! The casa has a very interesting story and probably one of the casa that you will not consider staying at night. A tragic incident occurred here and only one girl survived the massacre on the family. Yikes!IMG_0256tIMG_0244tThe Casa Jaen 1. This house actually won as the House Beautiful Award in 1917 by the Sunday Tribune.
IMG_0239tThe Casa Bizantina! It is a three-story intricately designed bahay na bato (stone house) from Binondo, Manila. It is also considered as the most expensive vacation house in the resort.IMG_0258tThe Paseo De Escolta. Using old and new materials, the resort managed to recreate commercial buildings in the early 1900s in Manila. With 17 rooms, it houses a hotel within the heritage resort. Its ground floor houses shops.IMG_0259tIMG_0262tCalesa under the Casa Baliuag 2IMG_0263tThe Casa Luna. Built in 1850, its original location was in Namacpacan (now Luna town) in La Union. The town was later renamed to honour its revolutionary heroes and brothers Antonio and Juan Luna, whose mother was a member of the Novicio clan.IMG_0264tCasa Cagayan. It is a collection of four wooden houses built on stilts. Such houses were usually regarded as houses of poor people in Cagayan in the early 1900s.It now houses a spa.IMG_0265tAnd there goes the Swimming pool!IMG_0269tJust beside the Limutan River or not too far from the main entrance, you will also notice these two native houses which is called Casa Maranao

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20 thoughts on “Travel Back In Time With Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar Part 3”

  1. Ang ganda!

    This made me feel nostalgic. Sayang at nasira na ang itsura ng Maynila at di ko na na-e-experience ito whenever I got to that city.

  2. LAURA says:

    Wow these look beautiful, such a walk back in time. I love the simplicity and design of the two houses (Casa Maranao) – gorgeous.

  3. It really does feel like I am stepping back in time. The old buildings look stunning and there is so much history behind each building.

  4. Tammileetips says:

    This looks like a great place to go to and to explore!! I love how your photos turned out, very pretty scenery.

  5. Dreammerin says:

    Amazing captures !! very nice idea to sharing some history with readers! 😉 The architecture looks stunning!

  6. Jackie says:

    Oh my! So beautiful. I love how detailed the building designs are. I would love to visit!

  7. Wow, these houses are so gorgeous!! Too bad you couldn’t stay in them 😉

  8. wow! those houses are really stunning. and i cant help but comment talaga on how beautiful the photos are. may i ask what phone you used? thanks.

    1. i mean, camera you used. 🙂

  9. Marge says:

    I love Las Casas! Until now, I still remember how beautiful it is. I was able to visit it twice last year but back then the train tracks were still being constructed. Now I wanna go back just to try the train haha…

    I think Las Casas is really worth the long travel. It’s just so beautiful.

  10. You got me speechless about this post, I almost don’t know what to comment cause it’s truly amazing. I never found out about this place and I didn’t know this was just in the Philippines. My God! I’ll surely share this on my Facebook page. I am truly speechless really. I can’t move on, I want to get here, I’ll be doing more research about this place. I would be very glad if you can blog about the details of this place.


  11. Pia Villamor says:

    I’ve been wanting to visit this place for the longest time but I never found the opportunity to. And to think we lived in Subic for quite some time, so it was literally less than an hour away! Glad I got to live vicariously through you – the pictures that you took are amazing! It really is like going back in time isn’t it? 🙂

  12. Samantha says:

    So many beautiful buildings with stunning architecture! I wonder what the interiors look like. You take some beautiful photos and I’m happy you got to share a piece of the Philippines with us! Thanks!

  13. kris says:

    Wow! I was like moving back on time while checking at these houses. I always see the train structure being circulated over facebook but never knew there’s more to that! I was in awe with all the houses. They look all stunning and just imagine all beautiful houses in one location, that’s amazeballs! I’m adding this to my list!

  14. Jojo Vito says:

    Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar has been in my travel list way back. I can’t just fit in mine and friends’ schedules. By just looking at your photos made prompted me to remind my barkadas to really push through with the plans even early January if not for the holidays. I can’t go alone of course….( no one will take my photos hahaha)

  15. You have captured all the beautiful corners of this quaint yet very lovely place. I always see old structures as dramatic and full of stories. I would love to visit this place! All i ever wanted to do is take a lot of photos! Its perfect!

  16. I haven’t been here, but by the looks of it, it’s like ur transported back in time and to Europe. I really like that there’s a place like this here in our country as part of our rich history. Will surely pay a visit sometime and yes take photos, more photos.

  17. Karla says:

    I’ve just been to Las Casas this summer and honestly it was really quite the experience. I love how educational it is and also it brings us back to ancient architecture. I like that a lot. It’s definitely a good venue for a photoshoot.

  18. Stargazer says:

    I think this is the same place that is very controversial for uprooting some historical buildings. Nonetheless, everything looks beautiful. I always wanted to visit this place. Everything is instagram-worthy. lol

  19. Zwitsy says:

    It’s nice to see places like this. You know, seeing heritages like this makes my heart excited. I am not sure of but I really love to see preserved houses that have been constructed centuries ago. It just so saddening that many old houses have been demolished and changed to modernized one. Anyhow, this post of yours is totally awesome! I love the structures you have featured here, just set aside the cost per stay.

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