My CosplayMania 2016 Experience : Interesting Items And Booths

To conclude my CosplayMania 2016 Experience, allow me to share some of the interesting booths, activities and items that I spotted during the second day event. You know at, one thing I realized when attending conventions is that you must arm yourself with extra money because you can never tell what kind of interesting items or deals you can encounter during the event. Unfortunately, in my case, i failed to bring enough funds .. so i missed some of the great discounted items… but I took pictures of them anyway haha.

Force of the Will Booth
IMG_0003tNope, it’s note the Gaming Library this time. Asiapop and Toycon both featured Gaming Library and their board and table top games. This time, it is a  booth specializing in one particular game, the Force of the Will. IMG_0007tForce of the Will is a Trading Card game where each player is provided with their own deck and each is endowed with 4000 Life points. If you managed to inflict damage to your opponent and if they lost all their lives, then you win the game. IMG_0009tThe mechanics are very similar to those typical trading card games but it seems like it follows an interesting plot and it also features an app where you can enter the game’s ranking system and get invitations to their event. I just love how interactive this trading card game is.

Those Cute Items From LongLivePlayPH
IMG_0022tOne of the booths that really took my attention is the one from LongLive Play Ph as they showcase some interesting items that will truly bring out the inner geek from you. The first item that grabbed my attention is their cute Pokemon badges!IMG_0020tNow that Pokemon Go is hitting the mainstream, these Badges are truly worth collecting especially to those who grew up loving the first generation of Pokemon!IMG_0026tThese 8BitDo Bluetooth game controllers are very eye catching as well! These game controllers that perfectly work with game emulators and are compatible with mobile too. They are very nostalgic right?IMG_0032tHarry Potter wand-inspired pencils also from LLPPIMG_0036tHow about Link’s shield?

Pre-loved Collectible Items
IMG_0044tGosh I wonder how much these items are? The rarest the item is, the higher the value it gets.IMG_0048tNot sure about this one but it seems like a Power Ranger Morpher or something!IMG_0049tStuffed toys and plushies from Motsu booth

Bandai Booth
IMG_0065tI guess the Cosplay Convention will not be completed without the Bandai booth right? IMG_0071tIMG_0074tOne Piece Action figures

Notice Me Senpai Booth
IMG_0078tI learned that Notice Me Senpai is a new mobile game app where you play as the first female student in an elite all-boys private school. You take on a job at the Third Year Building Cafe to help pay for your tuition. You attract new customers with new cafe decoration combinations. As you manage the cafe, you meet all sorts of upperclassmen. From nerds, to jocks, to famous pop idols, this school has them all.IMG_0079tThe booth features bookmarks and pins featuring the 30 collectible Senpai based on their mobile game.

Cute Items
IMG_0101tWho would like to wear these colorful socks inspired from some of your favorite characters!IMG_0415tHow about this Saitama Bonnet?

Little Akiba Booth
IMG_0114tOne of the most interesting booths in Cosmania is the Little Akiba Booth. The booth features Mr Kenjiro Kakimoto or Realmaid Ninja manga series. IMG_0118tMr Kakimoto offers a 3minute long instant portrait sketch session. Each participant will only have to pay Php50 for the drawing session and it comes up with free photo opp as well. IMG_0124tTadah! Me and Mr Kakimoto! IMG_0130tHere’s my portrait sketch drawn my Mr Kenjiro Kakimoto

PokemonTretta Booth
IMG_0395tI am going to have a separate post about this new game craze but one thing I can tell you, this one is way way better than Pokemon Go

NHK World Booth
IMG_0401tIn case you were looking for freebies, you can grab one through NHK World Booth. You just have to answer their surveys and holah! You are now entitled to claim a prize from them!IMG_0409tI got a cute Domokun pin!

SilverWorks Booth
IMG_0419tNow who would have thought that SilverWorks will come up something so classy yet so geeky? IMG_0424tThese are not official yet bet they are indeed planning to release these Pokemon-inspired jewelries soon!IMG_0426tIn case you are not a Pokemon fan, then you might enjoy their Justice League inspired watches!

That Booth With Origamis
IMG_0429tSorry, I failed to get the name of this booth because when I saw it, no one is there to be asked so I grabbed some photos instead.

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