15 Tips On How To Become A Famous Writer

If you dream to be a famous writer, read our article and use our creative tips. Who knows, you could be the next best-selling author in the near future? We gather 15 steps you might want to follow to become a successful and famous writer
It doesn’t matter what’s your age and profession when you want to be a writer. If this is how you feel yourself, then keep reading and follow our simple tips.

  1. Be confident in your decision. You have to make sure you really want it. Remember that nothing would work out if you just think “I may try to be a writer”, or “I am not sure I will be able to write, but maybe I should try”. But if you have a confident feeling inside about becoming a writer, then it’s time to continue reading.
  2. Read a lot. You probably want to be able to write as good as many great authors? Then as more you read, as more experience you get. You remember new words, look how the author build complex sentences and phrases, and improve your literature language.
  3. Practice a lot. But don’t start something huge, write a short book (up to 10-15 pages) on a topic you like. Expand this book when you have finished the task. Keep fulfilling this simple assignment with various kind of books (Fantasy, Politics, Action, etc.)
  4. Try to write at least for 1-2 hours every day. Daily practice is very important because it helps to improve your skills in writing. Try to find a comfortable and quiet place where you can work without any distraction. Even if you have no possibility to write for many hours every day, create small stories or even poems on those days when you can’t spend a lot of time for this. Make your drafts and don’t try to edit them immediately. You can do the edit job later, remember that at start your main task is to write a lot. It is also important to proofread your works before publishing them. Check the grammar, the punctuation, or better yet get a professional Proofreader to check or improve your articles.
  5. Try to write your own journal. This is a great practice for beginner writers to get a feeling how it is to write. You should try various genres, such as non-fiction and fiction, news reports or fairy tales, romantic book or detective. Define the subject that attracts you the most.
  6. After you already have a lot of stories and articles, let people read them. Make your own blog or page, post your stories there. Also, post links on that page in your social network accounts, so other people could see and read it.
  7. Don’t let your hopes fall down, because it’s obviously that you won’t get millions of fans so fast. Be patient, wait, and continue to promote your web page. Check out if people leave comments, read your first feedback, and wait for more.
  8. Try to find various writers communities and groups on the Internet, and join them. There you can read a lot about what topics are popular to read in current time, and also ask for advice or give a tip to someone else.
  9. Write only about those things you are very interested about. If you are writing a book, try to describe all characters very clear, so readers could imagine and see them just that way as you described. Make all characters real, and let them express their emotions.
  10. Expand your vocabulary every day. You will see many new words when reading something, so don’t forget to learn them. Later, don’t forget to use new learned words in your daily writing.
  11. Upload your works to Internet resources such as Wattpad or Tumblr. You can tag your stories under different categories there, so readers will be able to find them.
  12. Advertise your blog through social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Over time, you may find out that many people started to red your stories / book / journal.
  13. Don’t forget to share your stories with your close friends, relatives, and family. They could give you some useful tips and new ideas about writing.
  14. If you have got a solid experience in writing for a long period, then you probably think about turning this thing into your business? This is a great idea, and it really can bring you some money. You can upload your stories to websites for writers that give readers access to read the entire book by paying a small sum of money. If your book is interesting enough and well-written, people may be interested in it, so over time, you could get some money for your work. If you are interested in writing various assignments for order, you should look for writing services that often are looking for talented writers to join their company. For example, check out the website admission-essay. People make their orders for creating various papers there, and if the company will be interested in cooperation, you could work with them.
  15. If your story or book have got a lot of positive feedback, you can try to publish it. It’s a long process and it may require a lot of time and some money too, but in result your readers will get your real book, and this would give you a great feeling that you really did something very valuable and useful for people. Find a good publisher, and you may wake up famous one day!

Marketing your book is another challenge. You need to set your target audience and must come up with an effective marketing strategy to promote your book. One good solution before publishing the actual hardcopy of your book is to create a book mockup. It gives the authors the opportunity to assess the design’s aesthetic and make adjustments if needed. It allows them to showcase or promote the book cover before the actual publication, invoking excitement among potential readers. Luckily, there are sites that allow you to use speedy book design tool for free and achieve your desired cover instantly.

We do hope these tips would be helpful to you in making your writing career. Don’t give up on your way because you may fall down for several times before you get success. Remember that even the most talented and famous writers came through a long and difficult way to get on the top. Be ready to work hard for many hours, and enjoy your work!



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