How To Make Your Essay Writing More Productive

Learning is a continuous progress and we bloggers can always find ways and opportunities to grow. I came across an article recently discussing on how to increase the quality of your blog and one of the keys towards a great blog is to provide quality content for your readers. For me, you have to put yourself in your reader’s feet and ask yourself, what are the things a reader wants and things they should know. You must educate them by giving factual information especially if you are a travel blogger and most of all, you have to write your content by heart. I have to admit that I am not a good writer. I still have those dilemmas of choosing the right words, still challenged by the subject-verb agreement and I still encounter those pesky grammatical errors but one thing I know is that I was able to improve myself through blogging. I went to check my early articles when I was just beginning and they were just awful. I just find myself laughing over those silly sentence constructions I made but hey, I am happy to what I have become. I’m still learning and I am willing to embrace every piece of knowledge I can pick along the way!

Take note that this is not just about blogging alone. Students can also relate with this topic especially when dealing with their paper writing projects whether it is a research paper, proposal letter or even an essay writing project. Believe me! I have been there and I definitely know the struggle! Paper writing is definitely the least of things a student would like to do and it’s absolutely okay to admit it because, I personally felt the same way when I was in college. All students know how a difficult assignment can ruin all plans for the evening or an upcoming weekend. At times like this, you have to forget about relaxing and having fun with friends knowing that in the nearest future your only companions will be your laptop and books.

But don’t get too frustrated thinking you are in for some tedious pastime. There is still a chance you’ll have time for that party. Consider following these tips – and you’ll see that it’s quite possible to complete your assignment within a night.

1. Always work at the same desk. Research shows that working in the same place makes you more focused and productive.

2. Make Intervals. Divide your working process into intervals (25-30 minutes long), with a short (5-10 minutes) break following each interval.

3. Drink a lot of water. Another research results show that those students who keep themselves properly hydrated work 14% more effectively that doesn’t who don’t care to drink a glass of water or two. Practice writing your essay after having a couple of glasses of water and you’ll see the difference it makes.

4. Laugh. Did you know that laughing or just joyful feelings help your brain work better because they decrease your stress hormones level? Remember that advice No. 2? During your next break, watch a funny video on YouTube; it can really help.

5. Let someone join you during a break. Just a short conversation during another break will make you 15% more productive. Isn’t it a perfect reason to ask a friend to work on your assignments together?


6. Don’t get distracted. Text messaging and social networks can wait ( is okay to use, in case you want to look something up). Do you find it hard to get rid of all distractions? There are software programs and applications that can help you with that. Believe me, these are the top procrastinators that will affect your overall productivity.

7. Stop checking your emails. Incoming emails can seriously disrupt your work. You’ll make your life much easier if you make yourself check your emails 2 or 3 times a day, but make sure you don’t do that before doing something important (and not during the first half of the day).

8. Use data synchronization services (Dropbox, Google Drive and others). Losing your progress after a few hours of hard work may be more than frustrating. So use one of the convenient data synchronization services to be able to access your work from any place, at any time and to make sure every little piece of information gets saved properly.
9. Get rid of your inner perfectionist. Yes, your desire to make your informative writing absolutely flawless is understandable and commendable, but it takes too much time and, frankly speaking, isn’t worth it. Being the best student does not necessarily mean being a successful person. Give yourself a break (sometimes, literally). When you feel like your workload is just too much, there is nothing wrong in using essay writing service.

10. Spare 10 minutes for some inspirational reading. Who knows? An inspiring quote may sometimes works wonders and really give you a lot of motivation to go on working.

11. Don’t strain your will power too much. It’s a limited resource, and quite often it gets overstrained. In other words, if you know you’ve got a challenging exam sitting ahead, don’t start your low calorie diet, or you may fail at both.

12. Get enough sleep. Good night’s sleep (no less than 7 hours) is crucially important for your academic progress (which means it’s important for some good writing too). Lack of sleep will make your productivity drop dramatically.

13. Stay physically active. Physical activity isn’t just good for your health; it’s also very good for your memory.

14. Don’t be too optimistic. At all times, it’s much better to be realistic. Think of the worst things that might happen if you fail to complete your assignment and act accordingly.

15. Let Others Assist You! Don’t think you are the only person you can rely on when it comes to doing academic assignments. Sometimes getting essay help is easier than you may think.


Use these tips to make your essay writing easier and your working much more productive than ever before.

One thought on “How To Make Your Essay Writing More Productive

  • September 5, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    Good tips. Writing is an art in itself, and the world is at the fingertips. It used to be fingers, but we have been using computers for so long now. Goodbye to pens, hello keyboard.

    I think I can add one more tip to what you have provided here. It is to have the desire for excellence. That is something I have been preaching, and without that desire, there is no urgency. As such, procrastination may set in. However, once the attitude of excellence is already acquired, distractions can no longer be a hindrance.


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