I am an insomniac and obviously, I find it hard to get a nice sleep every night. I usually take sleeping pills before but I was forced to stop because of the possible harmful side effects of the drug. After that, I turned to herbal teas. There are herbal teas today that promote a great relief for an insomniac like me. Well, I got used to my situation already and in fact, I am even taking advantage of it! I am currently working now in a call center company where my job deals mostly with graveyard shift which is good because I will not feel sleepy every time I take in calls. I can also do all my online activities with no ease! Actually my friends used to call me “night owl” because of this abnormal schedule of mine. Well yes! I find it quite stressing sometimes but lying on my soft and comfy mattress every time I got home keep all those stresses away. Taking vitamins everyday also keep me energize the whole day. Well, managing time isn’t that hard as long as you are determined to accomplish your goals.

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