Not Effective At All

I was really disappointed with the result of my “No Rice Diet”. Well, it seems that it is not effective to me at all. There’s no one to be blamed here but myself because i simply can’t resist the temptation of eating rice. Rice is a stable food here in our country and i just can’t imagine why Americans managed not to eat rice everyday. Is it really that difficult to take Rice away from your meal? Maybe i should look for an alternative way other than this useless “No Rice Diet”.

However, there are so many diets out there to choose from and i don’t have any idea which of them really works. They said that I should try the so called “Low-Fat Diet” as it can help you to lose up to 13 lbs within a short period of time. Yeah that’s really amazing but i don’t know how the hell to calculate my calories consumption and I don’t know how to classify which are the low fat foods and which are not. Well, i think i would rather look for Weight loss pills that work fast than wasting my time looking for some effective alternatives. Do you have any suggestions guys? Feel free to share it with me by leaving your comments on this post.

Have a great day and happy blogging to you all.

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