Urban Legends About Contaminated Food and Drinks

Here comes another Internet Hoax. I told you already the info about the Bank Details/ Phishing Scams and The Fake Medical Information right? This time, let us tackle another form of scamming Let’s take a deeper look about the Urban Legends About Contaminated Food and Drinks.

We’ve all been made apprehensive by stories warning us against eating at a certain popular fast food joint, alerting us to inspect our drinking straws very carefully, or telling cautionary tales against deadly soda cans. Some messages even claim that genetically modified organisms or mutants are being used by a global fast food chain known for its fried Chicken. (don’t want to mention namesĀ  but i’m sure you know what is fast food chain I am referring here haha)

According to the chain letter, the “change in name” of the restaurant to exclude the word “chicken” was part of a government policy that prevented them from using it. According to some reliable sites, the restaurant chain in question has denied all claims. The change in name was instead made in order to reflect their expansion into other products they serve at the restaurant.

Well, what I can suggest here is that, before you avoid or even “boycott” any food product or restaurant, check for any news on mainstream media or trustworthy medical organizations like the Center of Disease Control. If the email you received is the only source of information you can find on the matter, then chances are, it’s a hoax.

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