Movie Marathon Part 1

My cousin and i have watched 3 movies today. Yup! we had a movie marathon together. Well, he just got this old laptop from his dad yesterday and we found a lot of movie files inside his hard disk. The movies are great. Some are old while some are current. So we grab that opportunity to watch movie together. Believe it or not, we have watched two Disney animated movies and  a comedy-action Asian film. Here are the movies we have watched today.

1. Bolt. Bolt is a movie about a k9 dog named  Bolt. He is a celebrity dog and has his own television show with hr partner Penny. Without the knowledge of everyone, Bolt thought that his superpowers are for real. There was this scene from his television program where his partner Penny has been kidnapped. Bolt thought that the kidnapping was real and so he managed to escape from his house cage and try to find Penny. Along his way, he met some new friends including a street cat named Mittens who later revealed to him that everything is just his imagination and he has no super powers and he i no different to other dogs. He also met a hamster who was also a big fan of the Bolt show and also thought that Bolt i for real. Bolt late realized that Mittens was right. He soon find his way to Penny. There had a big fire accident and Penny was trapped inside the building. Bolt came to rescue Penny. After that Penny’s mother decided to quit Penny from the show and Penny and Bolt live a normal life together with their brand new friends Mittens and Rhino. I just love this show. Yes it’s funny but it has a lot of moral lessons too. There is nothing impossible as long as you are determined to achieved your goal. Keep your faith stronger and you’ll be blessed in the end. Friendship is something that you have to be treasured for the rest of your life.

I will share the rest of the movies in my next entry.

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