A Trip To Binondo : Shanghai Fried Siopao

P2073120tMuch like the Dong Bei Dumplings, Shanghai Fried Siopao is another popular spot in Binondo and is also part of the Binondo Food Wok by Mr Ivan Dy. And just like Dong Bei, I didn’t really expect that we will be welcomed by an overwhelming amount of people queuing in a very long line just to buy this Siopao. What really makes their siopao really special? This is not a restaurant by the way and it’s just a small store that caters various Chinese products including uncooked siomai, kikiam and of course their very own signature fried siopao. Since I find their siopao really intriguing , I decided to enter that long queue and wait for more or less 30 minutes before I finally had my turn.
20160207_142050tEach Siopao costs Php18.00 and I think I bought 2 dozens of these fried siopao so I will have pasalubong for my siblings and nephews too. The shop is too small which is just good enough to accommodate their workers. You can large pans where the siopao are being fried (only the bottom part of the siopao is being fried so it will have that signature crispy part). I thought I will be disappointed as they looked like an ordinary siopao and there seems nothing special about it until I took a first bite. It is filled with bola-bola (minced pork) and is surprisingly watery inside.20160207_142054tI’m not really a big fan of Bola-balo and I prefer the Asado Siopao but this one is an exemption. It tastes really great that I was able to finish two of them while we are on our way to Kipuja St to visit the Kuang Kong Temple. Now, I know why people are so crazy of their siopao and once I get back to Binondo, I will definitely visit this place again and I wouldn’t mind waiting for another 30 minutes or so.

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17 thoughts on “A Trip To Binondo : Shanghai Fried Siopao”

  1. [SK] says:

    wow, you need to wait for 30 minutes in the line before you were served!! now i can imagine how crowded the place is.. i guess this eatery is just a little stall where you take away your orders and not dining in.. hmmm, the fried shiopao must be very delicious because many patronise and i think all the shiopao are served fresh from the frying pan.. yeah, it is supposed to be juicy inside, it’s some combination of some soup with the juice of the meat.. i hope your tongue was not burnt by the piping hot juice and meat inside, hehehe.. only Php18 a piece, that’s actually quite cheap, if not mistaken it’s around Php30 each over here..

  2. Jonathan says:

    A visit is a must once I go back to Binondo. I do like hot buns and would always order one with noodles for lunch during my high school days. Glad you made a post to remind me of siopao.

  3. mun says:

    This Shanghai fried siopao is known as sheng jian bao in China. Is it made this way too:


    Yours must be delicious to have such a long queue for it.

  4. small kucing says:

    Interesting. I never had this before. dont think have seen it here in malaysia

  5. Ginoel Orejo says:

    Looks absolutely divine. I’ve always been a fan of dumplings. Will definitely check them out when I’m in the area. Thanks for sharing.
    -Gino of http://www.dropdeaddapper.com

  6. That siopao looks scrumptious! I need to visit that whenever im in the area 🙂

  7. Caroline says:

    Siopao sounds delicious and must be to wait in line that long for it! Hope it was delicious!

  8. I love eating bola-bola siopao but haven’t tried fried siopao yet. Definitely a must try for me!

  9. RJ Dancel says:

    I never really loved siopao, but I’m willing to try this 🙂

  10. Caloy Olano says:

    I love bola bola siopao! I would definitely check this place out when I visit Manila. It has been a while since I last went to Binondo. Hopefully, this summer I can swing by Metro Manila.

  11. This is one of my favorites in Binondo! Hindi ako magsasawang balik-balikan ito 🙂 Sarap lalo na pag mainit na mainit pa 🙂

  12. Aika Loraine says:

    Looks like sikat na sikat to a. hmm. and the concept is quite new to me. firs time ko nalaman tong shanghai fried siopao. wow!

  13. I must try this Fried Siopao the next time I visit Binondo. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Nurse Alpha says:

    With that long queue I could say that their fried siopao is delightful. An added bucketlist to my planned trip to Binondo. Haha. It will be a great food trip day I think 🙂

  15. Louise says:

    Fried siopao? That’s something new for me. I don’t eat siopao but my mom loves it. Maybe when we go to Divisoria one day, we can drop by so she can try this one.

  16. TweenselMom says:

    I’ve seen several fried siopao houses near our place. They are nice alternative to the classic siopao. That siopao from Binondo will surely taste great, after all, it was from Binondo.

  17. Sonnie says:

    there are food stores in Binondo, Sta. Cruz and Quiapo area that don’t have dining area. But I tell you, people ( me included) visit these stores, and wait in line just to buy their food. Glad you liked one of my faves too.

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