Being Eco-Friendly

I’ve always wanted to have an energy efficient house not just because i want to save money by conserving energy or electric consumption but also to have an eco-friendly environment inside my house.

There are so many ways that we can do to make our house eco-friendly like replacing the bulbs with some energy efficient lamps and more. I know you have heard about the Solar Panels too. I wish i could have that but if you guys just know how expensive this material is, then i’m sure you’ll be backing out too. Well, if a small solar panel cost a lot of money, what’s more with those solar panel roofs right?

I think we made the wrong decision of taking out our Fiber Roof in the kitchen. It used to provide natural light before as if we do not have to turn the light switch on but after the renovation we all decided to replace it with a metal roof. Maybe i should suggest my dad to bring it back and hire professional roofers again like those expert Roofers Portland to make our Kitchen more appealing and more eco-friendly. How about you? How can you make your house Eco-friendly?

April 22 will be the 41st World Earth Day! This can be our chance to take a part of the said event. Have a great day guys and Happy blogging.

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