Biyaheng Antipolo : Exploring The Pinto Art Museum

After visiting the well known Hinulugang Taktak falls (Check : Biyaheng Antipolo Hinulugang Taktak Falls), we headed to one of Antipolo’s top destinations! The museum which becomes a favorite hang out place of millennials because of its picturesque atmosphere (or should I aptly describe is as Instagram-worthy?).20161203_092312TPinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. It is a huge museum that features large galleries showcasing an overwhelming amount of modern paintings, sculptures, and art installations by various local artists.20161203_091607TPinto Art Museum as what the title suggests refers to “Pinto” or “Door” which serves as the gateway for modern and contemporary art. It takes you to a Mediterranean-inspired ambiance that is complimented with luscious greenery , white-washed coated buildings and serene atmosphere. It actually reminds me of the Santorini but instead of marveling the sea, you will appreciate the wide variety of arts in display. The place in general is already a work of art.20161203_091742TLead by Dr Joven Cuanang, a doctor by profession but also an art-enthusiast by heart founded the Silangan Foundation for Arts, Culture, and Ecology which aims to promote Philippine arts and culture. Dr Joven Cuanang gathered all his art collections and put them all in display and eventually invited other local artists too to showcase their masterpiece. It started as a Pinto Art Gallery in Silangan Gardens and eventually became a museum which covers an entire 1.3 hectares of land.(FYI : Silangang Foundation is also the same group behind the rehabilitation project of Hinulugang Taktak)

The Pinto Art Museum Map

IMG_0125tThe museum features 6 galleries, each located on a separate building, another museum dedicated to Indigenous arts, a meditation area, a swimming pool, themed gardens, a chapel, a museum shop and a roofdeck sunset view.

The Roofdeck
20161203_105251tProbably one of the most used area of the Pinto Art Museum is the picturesque roof deck. This Mediterranean-inspired building is truly a work of art. The white-washed walls are complimented by brown staircase and other minimalistic details. It was a Pre-nup worthy venue. Everyone can access the rooftop and enjoy the view from above.

The White Beds20161203_093333tAnother interesting sight and somehow intriguing as well are the white old hospital beds. They are randomly placed all over the museum for an unknown reason. There’s probably a deeper meaning about them but my brain is not capable of figuring them out haha.20161203_093646t20161203_100958t20161203_101056t

The Chapel
20161203_092420TJust walks away from the Roofdeck is a small chapel. They said that the wooden door was from Vigan.20161203_092739tThe chapel’s nave. The altar features an old wooden image of bald Jesus.20161203_092823tInstead of the crucified or the resurrected, the image of Christ is depicted in another way that somehow reminds me of the Pieta (without Mary)20161203_092951tThe statues and images inside the chapel were very old. 20161203_093012t

The Meditation Garden
20161203_093318tIn front of the small chapel is a luscious greenery and relaxing atmosphere of their so-called Meditation Garden. Interestingly, the Meditation Garden is dedicated to our National Hero Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera20161203_093112tThe sculpture of Maria Clara, a character from Rizal’s novel which is said to be based from Rizal’s real life girlfriend (and apparently cousin) Leonor Rivera20161203_093101tA carved image depicting Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera20161203_093346tA bust statue of our national hero
20161203_093400t20161203_093620tSome interesting spots as we make our way to the first gallery20161203_093658t20161203_093715tThe rooftop of Gallery 2 and 3 (underneath the stair case are the restrooms). There will be a separate path going to Gallery 2 and Gallery 320161203_093819t

Pinto Art Gallery 1
20161203_095955t20161203_100332tThe Gallery 1 of Pinto Art is seemingly dedicated to paintings and it also features some interesting installations including those rock boulders. It also highlights a large canvas entitled Karnabal made by a group of Artist known as Salingpusa. It depicts images relevant. to Marcos regime. The length of this interesting masterpiece is 144 x 480 inches.

Pinto Art Gallery 220161203_095041t20161203_095353tUnlike the first Gallery, The Gallery 2 of Pinto art features a mixture of both paintings and sculptures and other form of contemporary art with various mediums used. Some are made from Polychromed wood, Epoxy Resin and even X-rays.It also features a Volkswagen Beetle. I personally find some of the sculptures a little eerie and dark.

Pinto Art Gallery 3
20161203_094654t20161203_094311t20161203_094821tThe Gallery 3 of Pinto Art is probably one of the most featured galleries in Pinto Art Museum. It features a bunch of interesting steel wire sculptures including The Hallow Man by Alab Pagarigan. It also features another room dedicated for various paintings.

Pinto Art Gallery 4
The Gallery 4 features bigger art pieces. Most of the arts here are contemporary and modern and some Spanish-inspired masterpiece. This is also the section where that famous “We Are The Kids That Your Parents Warned About”. Some interesting highlights including the Steel Wire image of a man (similar to the pieces we saw from Gallery 3) riding a Ducati. The pair of Praxinoscope by Mark Justiniani, the “Like Rats It Returns To Its True Form” diorama by Constanino Zicarelli , Zuma (a fiberglass art by Luisito Cordero) and a whole lot more.

Pinto Art Gallery 5
20161203_102352t20161203_102731t20161203_103028tContrary to Gallery 4, Pinto Art Gallery 5 has a lighter and neater tone. It features various painting depicting the Spanish Era. Most paintings are oil canvas and other traditional painting mediums. One of the most interesting sights here are the life-sized art featuring furniture either wrapped with or made with newspaper (it is entitled Please Handle With Care Version 2 by Pamela Yan-Santos). Before reaching the Gallery 6, you’ll find a pair of rooms. It includes a Bird-related room which features an art piece with fossilized leaves on it. The other room, on the other hand, is only for adults which features imagery related to sex and other mature content that are not suitable for kids (that’s why they encouraged the visitors to always close the door when entering or leaving the room)

Pinto Art Gallery 6
20161203_102859t20161203_102913t20161203_103127tIf we are to rank the galleries based on their popularity, The Gallery 6 is probably on top. It features a two story gallery and it has so many great masterpiece to offer including the “Lolong and Loleng” by Demetrio Dela Cruz, the three-piece black and white canvas entitled “Panalo!” (Winner!) by Ferdie Montemayor.  There is also an audio room entitled “Usapang Babae” by Steph Lopez, a room with brain seats, and picturesque balconies.

The Forest
20161203_104520tBetween the Gallery 5 and 6 is another separate room dedicated for a single art. It’s an installation known as the “Forest” by Antonio Catral Leaño. It is a dark room with limited visibility. What’s inside are bamboo replicas with small ponds. The lights coming from the ponds are the only lights on the entire room. You are encouraged to keep silent and embrace the nature-like experience that this room has to offer. Aside from the darkness, you’ll hear the sound of water dripping and the birds chirping on the background. What a perfect way to meditate.

Pinto Art Cafe
20161203_100631t20161203_100647tJust beside the Gallery 3 is a themed cafe. Pinto Cafe features a Spanish-like atmosphere. The visitors are not allowed to bring food inside the museum but they can dine in some of their restaurants and cafe inside (there’s another bar just beneath the roof deck area.

Considering that the museum covers an entire 1.3 hectare of land, an hour is actually not enough to explore the place in every corner. For someone who are not into arts, some may find the Php200 entrance fee to Pinto Art Museum is quite overpriced but for those who are into such masterpieces, then it is absolutely worth visiting.

Things You should Know before going to Pinto Art Museum
►The Museum is located within a subdivision so locating it would be a challenge especially if you will hit the place via private car. Tricycles (in case you’re commuting) can take you in this place easily.
►The entrance fee to Pinto Art Museum by the time we get there (December 2016) is Php200 for adult / Php 180 for Senior Citizen and PWD/ Php100 for Students with Valid School ID while 3 years old below can access the museum for FREE.
►The Museum is open every Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 am to 6pm
►Comfort rooms are available inside the museum
►You are not allowed to bring bags inside the Pinto Art so you have to surrender it beforehand
►Maps are provided once registered (if not, it can be requested)
►Cameras are allowed but No flash Photography
►Foods are not allowed inside but you can dine in to any of their cafes and restaurant inside.
► No Pets and No Smoking

How to Get to Pinto Art Museum
►Antipolo is accessible by jeepney or FX taxi, with terminals in Metro Manila including one in Araneta Center Cubao and Valero Street behind RCBC Plaza in Makati. This will drop you off to Antipolo’s Town Proper. From here, you can ride a tricycle which can take you to all nearby destinations including the Pinto Art Museum. Places along the main roads are accessible by jeepney.
►From Cubao, you can ride FX bound to Antipolo (Antipolo Simbahan or Antipolo Shopwise). Tell them to drop you off at Ynares Center. Once you get there, you can ride a tricycle to take you to Pinto Art Museum or if they are not familiar with the museum, ask them to drop you off at Garden heights Subdivision

Where to Stay in Antipolo
For those who are looking for a nice place to stay in Antipolo whether you are in a tight budget or not, you might consider this list of hotels and resorts in Antipolo as compiled by TravelBook (with discounted rates too). Again, Antipolo has so many great places to offer that you guys can explore and a day tour may not be enough to discover them all.

After the Pinto Art Museum, we headed to another interesting place in Antipolo, the Jardin De Miramar which is known for its Casa Santa museum. However, before we proceed with our next destination in Antipolo, I will have another Pinto Art-related article for my next entry.

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    Pinto Art Museum is really one of the best destinations in Rizal. The artworks are not placed inside glasses and the buildings have natural ventilation. Not every museum do this way, amazing. This guide/article is really helpful and comprehensive.


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