25 Most Interesting Art Works In Pinto Art Museum

And we are back to Pinto Art Museum. My previous post (Check : Biyaheng Antipolo : Exploring Pinto Art Museum), we explored the 1.3 Hectare of land of Pinto Art Museum and sort the place out by galleries. Now, I decided to create a separate post to list down 40 of the most interesting art pieces in the museum that will surely catch your attention. So without any further ado, let’s start shall we?
20161203_104520t1. Forest by Antonio Catral Leaño
Forest is probably the biggest art installation in Pinto Art Museum. It is placed in a separate room between the Gallery 5 and 6. The Art installation which is called “Forest” was completed in 2012 by Antonio Catral Leaño who is apparently one of the artists who designed the Pinto Art Gallery. Forest features light, shadow, reflections, and ambient noises and smells. You have to enter a room with limited visibility and what you can see inside are ponds and bamboo replicas. The eerie darkness was matched with the noise coming from dripping water and birds chirping.

20161203_103422t2. Usapang Babae by Stephanie Lopez
Much like The Forest, Usapang Babae is another exclusive room in Pinto Art which can be found in the Gallery 6. Stephanie Lopez has many great contributions in the Museum, some of them are those popular steel-wire sculptures found in Gallery 3. Lopez’s art is known for the themes of relationships, sexuality, and human frailty and Usapang Babae is not different at all. Once you entered the room, you will be welcomed by different sculptures made from either epoxy, wire or textile. Most of them depicts woman having some sort of conversation to each other. It is also accompanied by sounds (overlapping voices of women) on the background.
20161203_103254t3. Lolong And Loleng By Demetrio Dela Cruz
One of the most eye catching painting on Gallery 6 is the “3D” painting done by artist Demetrio Dela Cruz entitled Lolong and Loleng (referring to the crocodiles discovered here in our country). It is a 3D painting a combination of two large canvas that are purposely attached to one another to make it look like a shoebox.  Demetrio Dela Cruz is known his controversial Cow/Handbag series (another similar painting was displayed on top of Lolong and Loleng). Much like the handbag series, Lolong and Loleng also features a modified object and this time, its a pair of shoe that is modified into crocodile heads.
4. Panalo! (Winner!) by Ferdie Montemayor
Another eye catching masterpiece from Gallery 6 is the huge canvas made by artist Ferdie Montemayor. It is entitled “Panalo!” (Winner!). Ferdie Montemayor gained critical notice for his series of paintings on cityscapes in the 1990s. Panalo depicts the movements and progression of a triathlon. The black and white paint features the intensity and excitement of three sports events (Swimming , biking, and running) through unique brushwork technique.
20161203_102805t5. Tree by Geraldine Javier and Love 1 and 2 by Raffy Napay
Before you proceed to Gallery 6, you’ll find a room next to the Adult-only gallery. It is a simple room with three masterpieces on display. Two large paintings and one mixed media art.  The two paintings are entitled Love 1 and Love 2 are both made from thread, textile cloth and Burlap while the other one (like what is shown on the image above) is entitled Tree created by Geraldine Javier which is a tatted art using twigs and fossilized leaves. This room however is notably stinky probably due to the materials used for the art pieces.
20161203_102402t6. Please Handle With Care Version 2 by Pamela Yan-Santos
This is another interesting art installation displayed on Gallery 5. It basically features a living room with contents that are either wrapped or made in paper. These are not just ordinary paper but work sheets, exercises from artists special classes that teach him the relations between actions and objects. “What occurs in the installation is a meeting of worlds, the exposure on how we make labels of safety and access to things as banal as a cup or leaf. We are led to unravel our assumptions of what is real, what is permissible and what is not
20161203_102240t7. Wheelchair by Christina Ramilo Quisumbing.
One of the most interesting art pieces displayed in Gallery 4 of Pinto Art Museum is this intriguing mixed media art that is aptly entitled “Wheel Chair” by Christina Ramilo Quisumbing. Christina “Ling” Quisumbing Ramilo is a graduate of UP and most of her arts are made from a myriad of materials, ranging from pencils and paper to reworked discarded bits and pieces taken from everyday objects. Wheelchair, for an instance is a modified wheelchair with wood, stained glass and other improvised medium.
8. “Like Rats It Returns to Its True Form”
Here comes another intriguing art installation made by Constantino Zicarelli which is entitled “Like Rats It Returns to Its True Form” enclosed in a glass. This glass encased image of a couple hundred plastic rats swarming on what looks like an abandoned old building. The desciption says that it is a mini replica of UST Main building.

9. Praxinoscope by Mark Justiniani
There is a pair of interactive praxinoscope in Gallery 4 which are both credited to Mark Justiniani. A praxinoscope was an old animation device of 1870s where  a strip of pictures placed around the inner surface of a spinning cylinder.
20161203_101718t10. Paraisado (Rampa) by Jose Tence Ruiz
Here come another huge mixed media art on Gallery 4. The Paraisado (rampa) by Jose Tence Ruiz with collaboration with Danilo Ilag Ilag. The piece depicts a Gothic church inside a cart (kariton). It is probably part of Ruiz’s Paraisado series which is named Rampa most likely because it is placed on top of an improvised ramp.
20161203_101636t11. We Are Here Together Forever Until The World On the Verge of Sorrow”
This installation is not just the largest in Gallery 4 of Pinto Art but also the piece with probably the longest title. It is also made by Constantino Zicarelli who is also behind the “Like Rats It Returns to Its True Form” art. Well, it seems like he is really fond of long names for his masterpieces huh.
12. Roulette by Leonard Aguinaldo
This is actually an untitled work but it is one of the eye catching art in Gallery 4 as well not because of its unique material and colorful appearance but also because of its interesting content. If you have been to Baguio and visited some of its famous locations like the BenCab Museum and Tam-Awan Village, then you have probably came across Leonard’s works. This roulette-like art is made from rubbercuts and is composed of different adjectives or traits of Filipino (bad or good)
13. We Are The Kids That Your Parents Warned You About
This is just a simple piece displayed in Gallery 4 but it seems like it gathers so much attention and has become a crowd’s favorite. Most likely because millenials can relate so much with its message.
14. Ducati by Alab Pagarigan
Ducati is one of Pagarigan’s masterpiece in Pinto Art Museum. All of his works can be identified through his unique materials and method.It features a life-sized sculpture cast resin and wire and also a real Ducati
15. Hallow by Nona Garcia
If there is one word to describe the Gallery 2, it is “Eerie” since most of the artworks featured in this gallery are too dark and somehow creepy. Hallow by Nona Garcia is one of the most distinctive artwork in this gallery and it’s mainly because of the materials being used to it. It features a group of frames that encloses silhouettes of saints and biblical images from Xrays.
16. Karnabal by Salingpusa
One of the largest canvas in the museum (possibly larger than Panalo) is the so-called Karnabal of Gallery 1. It is made by a several artist of the group Salingpusa in 1992 and is one of the seminal works of contemporary Filipino art. The theme of Carnival with its freakshows and games was utilized in this work as visual device to register the artist’s dissatisfaction with the divisive socio-political realities that deflated the euphoria following the end of Marcos regime. You can even spot Darna in this huge canvas
17. Volkswagen
I am not sure if this is a correct title for this installation but this Volkswagen beetle will instantly catch your attention. Although it is basically just a car, you’ll notice a pair of 2D images inside the car. The one depicts a woman in red standing through the sunroof of the car while the other one is a guy driving. Sorry, but I am not really good at art and I don’t know what exactly this installation is trying to interpret.
18.Riel Hilario’s Artworks
Honestly, one of the reason why Gallery 2 is the only place in this museum that i will never dare to enter by night are the artworks of Riel Hilario which are the highlights of Gallery 2. They are often characterized as eerie carved images on Polychromed wood. They are notable for their expression which looks like they are in agony or something. Hilario by the way is an artist from Vigan who grew up being trained in making Saint images. Screaming Angel, Celestial Ascending, and Je Suis Perdu are few of Hilario’s artworks displayed on the Gallery 2.
19. Geraldine Javier’s Artwork
This is another untitled artwork displayed in Gallery 2 which is encased in glass. It is another artwork by Geraldine Javier (one of her works is displayed along with Raffy Napay’s Love series). It seems like Javier’s artworks are all nature related. This one features a figurine wearing a knitted green coat and sitting on lush green environment (most made from tatting method). While most artworks in this gallery were kinda eerie, Javier’s work somehow balanced the atmosphere.
20. Elisa and Laura’s Pink Dresses by Marina Cruz
Okay, I know babies and anything related to them should be cute but this embroidery on printed canvas by Marina Cruz gave me some chills and enigmatic feeling. Marina Cruz’s works often features baby vintage dresses or twins. I thought at first that she is probably referring to her kids but it turns out, her paintings were inspired from the childhood image of her mom and her aunt (twins). It might be creepy but it is her way to preserve her mom’s memories.
21. Himala by Juanito Torres
The inspiration behind this painting of Juanito Torres are the faith healers who emerged during the 70s and the 90s. The settings in this painting took place in a mansion, full of religion artifacts and statuary to the point of excess. It depicts an image of a faith healer and a couple who brought their ill son , hoping that the boy will be cured in such method.
22.Oblivious By Stephanie Lopez
Possibly one of the most popular artworks in the Museum is the Oblivious by Stephanie Lopez. If you got thrilled by her Usapang Babae room, then you will be more impressed by this amazing steel wire sculpture depicting a man and a woman. Lopez works is notable for their theme which mostly focused on relationships, sexuality and human frailty. This artwork is located in the Gallery 3 of Pinto Art Museum
23. The Hollow Man by Alab Pagarigan
Aside from the Ducati in gallery 4, here comes another fan-favorite art work in the Museum, the Hollow man of Alab Pagarigan. It basically depicts a man on a swing who is riding on a swing. It looks simple but the meaning behind this impressive artwork is too deep which is somehow connected to the so-called Concrete and Solid reality (those are too deep and I don’t even understand anything about the artwork’s given description hahaha).
24. Pensieve by Ninel Constantino
The painting bears all the footprints of a dream, with its tell-tale elements of an impossible space.The painting features elusive spaces of hallways, doorways that lead to an unknown places. The place is seemingly located on top of an infinite sky. Constantino evokes the simultaneity of worlds, of the may dimensions that co-exist in a seamless space. Parallel universes of the probable.
25. The Mother Nature
Well, it is not really what this sculpture is called but it is somehow depicted that way. This steel sculpture is probably one of the first artworks that you will notice upon entering the museum. It depicts a mother with a baby on her womb. The sculpture intricately designed with graceful swirls and curves possibly reflecting the delicateness of the woman bearing a child. You can actually the baby sculpture inside her womb. What a great masterpiece indeed.

There you have it, the 25 Most interesting artworks in Pinto Art Museum. The museum has so many great arts to offer and these are just my personal picks, the ones that instantly captured by attention. Some of the artworks will be posted on my Instagram Account (@bluedreamer1227).

Things You should Know before going to Pinto Art Museum
►The Museum is located within a subdivision so locating it would be a challenge especially if you will hit the place via private car. Tricycles (in case you’re commuting) can take you in this place easily.
►The entrance fee to Pinto Art Museum by the time we get there (December 2016) is Php200 for adult / Php 180 for Senior Citizen and PWD/ Php100 for Students with Valid School ID while 3 years old below can access the museum for FREE.
►The Museum is open every Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 am to 6pm
►Comfort rooms are available inside the museum
►You are not allowed to bring bags inside the Pinto Art so you have to surrender it beforehand
►Maps are provided once registered (if not, it can be requested)
►Cameras are allowed but No flash Photography
►Foods are not allowed inside but you can dine in to any of their cafes and restaurant inside.
► No Pets and No Smoking

How to Get to Pinto Art Museum
►Antipolo is accessible by jeepney or FX taxi, with terminals in Metro Manila including one in Araneta Center Cubao and Valero Street behind RCBC Plaza in Makati. This will drop you off to Antipolo’s Town Proper. From here, you can ride a tricycle which can take you to all nearby destinations including the Pinto Art Museum. Places along the main roads are accessible by jeepney.
►From Cubao, you can ride FX bound to Antipolo (Antipolo Simbahan or Antipolo Shopwise). Tell them to drop you off at Ynares Center. Once you get there, you can ride a tricycle to take you to Pinto Art Museum or if they are not familiar with the museum, ask them to drop you off at Garden heights Subdivision

Where to Stay in Antipolo
For those who are looking for a nice place to stay in Antipolo whether you are in a tight budget or not, you might consider this list of hotels and resorts in Antipolo as compiled by TravelBook (with discounted rates too). Again, Antipolo has so many great places to offer that you guys can explore and a day tour may not be enough to discover them all.

After the Pinto Art Museum, we headed to another interesting destination in Antipolo, the Jardin De Miramar where the well known Casa Santa is located.

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