Busy Monitoring

We’re currently renovating our house which made me quite busy recently. Right now, they are working on our living room and they already did some adjustment to make it look a bit wider and less space consuming. I am not aiming for perfection but I am hoping that they could do something to make our house more appealing and presentable than before. Our living room for an instance was exactly a big mess because we decided to keep those bulky and and old furniture, without realizing that we’re ruining the house in general. Apart from the major renovation, we are also planning to replace some of our old furniture including the sofa set, the cabinet in my sister’s room and also the bulky computer desk on my bedroom. Sometimes, we have to accept the fact that things will eventually change for good and that is exactly a cliche I can really relate to right now.

If my budget will allow me, I would absolutely install a wall mount computer in my room or a fully enhanced home theater system in the living room or a wall mount oven in the kitchen. Anyway, let’s just hope for the best but right now, I have to focus more on the on going construction and guide the workers if necessary. Happy blogging everyone!

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