Cosplay Mania 2013 Part 1

Sorry for my very late post. Today, I am going to start my Cosplay Mania 2013 post series. The event was held early last month but I didn’t get much time to post it here in my blog. The event was such a blast and I can say that it is much organized and much better than what we have seen last year. If we got a bunch of Miku Hatsune last year and the rest of the Vocaloids, it seems like the cosplayers chose to cosplay most of the characters from the Attack of the Titans anime this year.
 photo P1010063_zps84a502d4.jpg photo P1010065_zps4c4eb30a.jpg

I didn’y see much Mecha costumes this year but I must say that the props and the costumes are well crafted and prepared. They even add some sort of mechanisms to their weapons to make it more realistic.

Here are some of the Cosplayers and the characters they are portraying. (this is just an overview and I will share detailed info about them in my next entries).
 photo P1010080_zps4316c1e9.jpg photo P1010041_zps24b0a5b5.jpg photo P1010071_zps3c378aff.jpg photo P1010068_zps02d75a22.jpg

A. Blake (RWBY) ; B.Ruby (RWBY) ; C. Junko Enoshima (Dangan Ronpa) ; D. Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter)

 photo P1010058_zps7766c3f4.jpg photo P1010059_zps9ddf520f.jpg

 photo P1010055_zps44f0314a.jpg photo P1010056_zpsc9272d09.jpg

E. Titans (Attack of the Titans) ; F. Female version of Conan (Conan) ; G. Boni and Trafalgar Law (One Piece) ; H. Peronas (One Piece).

 photo P1010048_zps0be9b0e7.jpg photo P1010040_zps7aca4d1d.jpg photo P1010045_zpsd1c1e88d.jpg photo P1010046_zps6b371f05.jpg

I. Mirror Card (Cardcaptor Sakura), J. Yang (RWBY); K. — L. Yuffie (Final Fantasy).

Will be sharing more soon!

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