Do you believed in ghost?

I do believed in Ghost even though i haven’t seen any. Let me share you my story and my experience when i was with my Auntie in Hospital. Her Room was located at the Fourth floor which is also the last floor in that hospital. There were only four rooms in that floor; two private and two semi-private rooms. We occupied one of the semi-private room. The other semi private room was occupied by an old cancer patient while one private room is occupied by an old priest who was said to be the owner of that hospital.

There are rumors that every night, you can hear some noices of children crying. According to some nurses, they ussually hear some noices which seems like someone is walking around the corridor. They also told us that there is an incident that one of their patient saw an old nun who passed through the wall.

Despite of these scary stories and rumors, we still have no choice but to get at least a semi-Private room for my Tita. My Tita spent four consecutive days in the hospital and i was in charge to be with her on her second night.

I have an insomnia and i can’t hardly sleep at night. Good thing that there’s a tv inside the room so i still have something to watch. Suddenly , while i was watching a late-night tv program, someone knocks the door. I thought it could be one of the nurses who will monitor my Tita but surprisingly as open the door, i saw nothing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but i decided to go outside. There are no nurses in the fourth floor station because most of them are afraid to stay in their station so they prefer to be with other nurses in the thrid floor.

It’s 1pm at that time, i decided to walk around the corridor. The door in the opposite room is closed and maybe the cancer patient was already asleep. The other room where the old priest is located is also closed. The Last room is empty and open. I feel strange and it seems that a cold wind passes by in front of me. I was so scared so i run and go inside my room again.

I really force myself to sleep and try to close my eyes and ignore the things i hear outside. Its really a great experience for me. How about you share us your ghost stories too!!

2 thoughts on “Do you believed in ghost?

  • October 18, 2009 at 7:18 am

    I think you have just experienced a ghostly encounter but without you seeing the ghost! Not everyone can see ghosts, some feel their presence and some feel nothing at all!

    You should have taken some photos and post them on this blog! Haha!

    And yes, I do believe in ghosts : )

  • December 9, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    well…i do believe in ghosts nd souls too…they can just make the feeling of their presence..thatz quite scary..
    i have heard that we should not react incase we feel cold wind or any fragnance…they make their presence in this way…i dont really believe this but someone has really experienced this..


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