Fountain at Home

Upon arriving to Resorts Mall in Makati, one of the area that took our attention is the huge fountain located in the center of the said establishment. It was the center of attraction indeed along with their “King and I ” themed plaza.

I was wondering if I can have this kind of fountain at home haha or maybe I am too ambitious to aim for such decoration. I’ve been aiming to have a water fountain at home but my mom keep on refusing my suggestion. My mom told me that if ever she will allow us to have a fountain at home, it should not be too big and spacy. Well, she’s probably referring to those henri studio fountains that i saw online a few weeks ago. It is elegant, classy, and definitely not consuming much space. This is absolutely the one she’s looking for but I wonder if we can find henri studios here in my place but in case we don’t have one, we might consider online transaction too. For the mean time, i would like to gather some pictures from their site and recommend them to my mom. ^_^

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