Gastronomic Tour For Lovers ~ The Most Delicious And Romantic Places

What in this world can express all the charm of life? What is the most spectacular thing to make declaration of love to a girl, so that she will remember this moment for life and proudly tell about it to your children? There are a lot of different answers to all these questions, but the answer that we offer is the most original and the most effective one. Go on a gastronomic tour and let the delicious  food report your warm feelings for you! In such tours it is just necessary to travel with beautiful brides.


Let’s start our gastronomic tour with sunny Italy. The Italians know how to enjoy life and an integral part of this life, of course, is Italian cuisine and wine. So, our first stop is the sunny Florence. Florence is a city-museum, located on the Arno River and it is the administrative center of Tuscany. And Florentia is the culinary capital of Europe, so you were not mistaken, choosing this incredible city for your first culinary acquaintance with Italian cuisine.

Where to eat in Florence?

The main advice in choosing a cafe or restaurant: it is better to look for cozy places away from the center.

1) For example, if you are new to gastronomic tours, look into Trattoria Zaza that has been conquering the hearts and stomachs of lovers of delicious meat and house wine for more than 30 years. The establishment is located in the Piazza del Mercato Centrale, near the church of San Lorenzo. The specialty here, of course, is the kilogram steak bistecca fiorentina. Lunch with wine will cost 20 euros for two.

2) Lovers of juicy steaks can also go to a restaurant called Francesco Vini, which is located near the Basilica of Santa Croce.

3) Another trattoria La Casalinga is located on Via Michelozzi 9r, near the Pitti Palace. This place is fondly loved by all locals for home cooking and wine, and also for an excellent atmosphere. Prices are pleasing to the eye, but sometimes visitors have to wait until the table is empty.

By Wine Roads of Bordeaux

France is known for its delicious cuisine, wine and cheeses. And Bordeaux is one of the most famous wine-growing regions in the world. It is one of the most popular gastronomic tours. In Bordeaux, vacationers have a large selection of gastronomic institutions of various specialization and level. Many restaurants are real city attractions. So, the cozy restaurant Le Plat dans l’assiette is located in a beautiful historic building, where several centuries ago there was a wine warehouse. Its hall is skillfully decorated for old times, it is decorated with old paintings, lamps and antique furniture. The restaurant specializing in cooking dishes of Lyon cuisine, its visitors prefer to order fragrant cheese casseroles, home-made sausage and escalopes.

The restaurant La Fontaine Aux Fées also features an original décor and is reminiscent of a fairytale forest that is home to fairies and elves. In the evenings, the hall is lit by small lanterns, there is always pleasant Celtic music and an indescribable atmosphere of gastro pub. Among the specialties of the restaurant are stuffed fish with herbs, cooked with a special recipe, white mushrooms and meat delicacies.

Sweet Journey to Belgium

This trip is just a ticket to heaven for all the sweet tooth and chocolate-headed. Want to learn the secrets of cooking Belgian chocolate, cook truffles and try chocolate with violets? Then you will definitely like this place.

One of the business cards of Belgium is chocolate. Milky, dark, bitter, porous. With the addition of nuts, fruits, creams, spices, alcoholic beverages. Mass production and manual work. The assortment of chocolate shops is amazing. Every chocolate shop in Belgium and its showcase, in particular, is a whole work of art. As a rule, this is the craft of all life, which is passed on from generation to generation. The owner of the store every day from morning to evening gives himself completely to the cause of his whole life.

Various decorations, tree species in the design of shelving, lighting effects, window dressing, make each individual store not like others. To understand Belgium, you must certainly visit its numerous chocolate shops and boutiques, to experience their atmosphere and try a wide variety of chocolate products.


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    I honestly thought that the places were here in the Philippines! Well, the places here are truly romantic and people who have enough money to buy tickets to go here should really visit this. But, only if they would love this great food. Though if you were to go there, which one would you visit first? ?


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