A Guide to Making Your Staycation Better

Going up north to the beaches of La Union or exploring the magical potions of Siquijor bring a certain kind of thrill, but sometimes, the stress of plane rides and packing spoils all the fun. In fact, just thinking about dragging yourself to the airport or bus station makes you tired already that you don’t want to leave the city anymore. The truth is, you don’t need to go out of town to unplug and find some solitude — staycation is the answer.

There are plenty of hotels around the metro that can be your staycation destination. In Pasay alone, you can check-in at a budget hotel or a room for rent. Here are some ways you can maximize your staycation experience and get out of it refreshed and ready to get back to work:

Pick the Right Destination

Similar to going on a vacation, you need to consider where exactly your staycation will be. Remember, the place you’ll be staying at will dictate what kind of activities you’ll be able to do. That, right there, is the most important consideration when choosing accommodations. What exactly do you want to do? From there, envision how you can enjoy it better. For instance, if you plan on curling up with a good book or simply sleeping longer, perhaps you should pick an apartment for rent with a stunning view of the Manila Bay. It’s a nice, relaxing scenery to wake up to or to rest your eyes on after reading.

If you’re thinking of spending your afternoon taking a dip, maybe a hotel that has an infinity pool at its rooftop is a good option. Look up Pasay rooms that have these facilities. Meanwhile, for those looking at indulging in retail therapy, you should check-in to accommodations that are a five-minute walk from the mall. The bottom line is, make sure that your destination allows you to enjoy activities better.

Of course, it is not just about the activities but also the accommodation itself. Nothing beats an accommodation that is complete with all the amenities you need. You can also look for apartments that are already fully furnished. For instance, if you are planning for a Sydney staycation, you can just look for baulkham hills accommodation nearby. Most of these are not just fully furnished but also budget friendly.

Try Something New

As implied above, staycation isn’t about not doing anything. Although it’s a little more easygoing than an actual vacation, it doesn’t mean laying on your bed all day and sleeping in. Trust us, that would also make you exhausted. Try to get some balance on activities. In between power naps, go out and try a little adventure. Being active will give you a more refreshing sleep.

What “adventures” should you try? One good idea is to be a tourist in the city. Say, you got yourself checked in at a room in Pasay. If you’ve been in Metro Manila all your life, there’s a good chance that you’ve been in this city quite a few times, perhaps shopped at malls and maybe partied up at the casinos during New Year’s Eve. Despite this, admit it, you never really had the time to explore it.

Did you know that there’s a museum in Pasay that lets you “travel” the entire Philippines in an hour or two? It’s called the Lakbay Museo. Have you taken cool Instagram pictures yet at optical illusions installation art? You can do it at the Upside Down Museum. For sure, you haven’t heard of the Coconut Palace yet — an elegant abode made of locally-produced natural materials. Be a tourist in Pasay by visiting these destinations.

Splurge on Relaxation, More Than Anything

Yes, you can buy new clothes and shoes at the nearby mall if that makes you happy. But beyond the material things, go all out on what would give you peace and quiet. Take advantage of the facilities and services at your hotel. Spend an hour or two of warm bath in the tub, with some nice-smelling essential oils. Put on the white robe and take selfies at the picture-worthy bathroom. Don’t snob the toiletries. Slather on that moisturizing lotion and request for more.

Sleep in that comfortable mattress for as long as you like. Just make sure you don’t miss the free breakfast. Try everything from the buffet table. After an hour or two, hit the gym. Your accommodation may be offering free spinning classes. Sign up for that. And as you cap your day off, get a massage. Splurge on relaxation activities, things that would take your mind off work and stress.

Does the idea of vacation stress you out? Do you feel tired just thinking about the long bus or plane ride? You don’t need to go far to unplug: go on a staycation. Maximize the experience.

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